The amazing (but true!) journey of a can of S & W® brand black beans as they make their way across this great land of ours, and to other nations!
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posted by homunculus at 4:28 PM on May 21, 2008

I was kinda hoping this would be a catalog of exotic and unusual beans from around the world. Preferably with recipes.
posted by lekvar at 4:38 PM on May 21, 2008 [3 favorites]

Looks like they bean to a lot of places.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 4:51 PM on May 21, 2008 [1 favorite]

I was with lekvar. Instead it's someone who's just discovered the internets and thinks it would be cool to take a picture of the same can of beans around the world. Dude, it's been done, and better. Several times. Gets a meh from me.
posted by Eekacat at 4:52 PM on May 21, 2008

I thought meh would be a more popular tag.
posted by Mister_A at 5:00 PM on May 21, 2008

I'm surprised the can of beans it was never confiscated by border or airport security doofuses. I mean, you COULD hurt somebody with that thing.
posted by wendell at 5:01 PM on May 21, 2008

Man, I was all excited because I just placed a hold on Beans: A History at my library. Maybe I'm overthinking things?
posted by stet at 5:31 PM on May 21, 2008

Will the can of beans be stopping at any of the Bean Around the World coffee houses in Vancouver or Victoria BC?
posted by Staggering Jack at 5:55 PM on May 21, 2008

Pinto McBean
posted by jimmythefish at 6:15 PM on May 21, 2008

hmmm wonder if this is Russell Crowe's "Fightin' Around the World" except "Tootin Around the World"?
posted by dasheekeejones at 6:24 PM on May 21, 2008

I love stuff like this. My family had a similar tradition with some neighbors of ours at our cottage. One year a neighbor gave my grandfather a really terribly ugly ceramic statue of a squirrel she had made...the idea was for him to put it in his garden. Famously unsentimental, he said there was no way in hell he was keeping the ugly thing, and promptly regifted it to another neighbor. And so the game was on. For at least ten years that I can recall, various relatives and friends were gifted with this stupid thing at holidays, birthdays, weddings and other gatherings. More than a few guerrilla-style tricks were also used, like sneaking into someone's cottage while they were away and stashing it in a rarely-used cupboard or closet.

Although a few times it was forgotten for long stretches while it gathered dust on someone's shelf, the squirrel always resurfaced again, to be handed off to another unsuspecting soul who would be filled in on the rules of the game. My grandfather and the lady who made the statue have both since passed away, and I think that this kind of sense of fun and adventure kept them both sharp right up to the end, both in their mid-eighties. I think I'll have to make some calls and see if I can find out where that damn squirrel ended up...
posted by SassHat at 6:30 PM on May 21, 2008 [2 favorites]

I was kinda hoping this would be a catalog of exotic and unusual beans from around the world. Preferably with recipes.

me too, lekvar... but, alas, no.


yo, stet, be excited - that Ken Albala book is really quite good.
posted by jammy at 6:49 PM on May 21, 2008

You had me at the Rainbow Wig.
posted by Dizzy at 7:29 PM on May 21, 2008

Add me to the chorus of peope wanting a catalogue of exotic and unusual beans from around the world. I'm sick of overthinking the same damn plate.
posted by Jilder at 8:14 PM on May 21, 2008 [1 favorite]

All right, a few too many links for me tonight, but count me as one who worships black beans in all its variations.

And don't forget red lentils. Fry 'em up with some oil ...and garlic and onions (a little later, so they don't burn) and then, ten minutes later, throw in some water, wine, beer (well, wine OR beer), and cook for another ten minutes or until done. Plenty of vegetables - or meat or chicken or shrimp etc. can be added in the meantime. A great thirty minute meal.

If you have an Ethiopian grocery in your neighborhood, buy some enjera to go with it.

Don't try to make enjera on your own. Unless you have the Midas-Rasta touch...I don't.

I have a Taco Bell across the street, thanks.
posted by kozad at 9:24 PM on May 21, 2008

Damn kozad, now I'm hungry.
posted by homunculus at 9:39 PM on May 21, 2008

I've bean everywhere.
posted by PeterMcDermott at 1:17 AM on May 22, 2008

*begins overthinking*
posted by breath at 3:08 AM on May 22, 2008 [1 favorite]

Beans around the world and I, I, I
I can't find my baby
posted by kcds at 3:35 AM on May 22, 2008

OK, it started out cute but you lost me forevermore when the can showed up on Jim Morrison's grave in Paris.
posted by Mike D at 4:52 AM on May 22, 2008

Too, too true, Mike D!
Ol' Jim was a canned corn man.
posted by Dizzy at 7:11 AM on May 22, 2008

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