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I Am Trying to Take Your Cash is a spot on parody of the Wilco documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by The Goblins. Along the same lines is All You Need is Cash by the Rutles. (previously)
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Hilarious. Although I suppose you need to be familiar with the original to catch all the subtle references, and it still did come off as kind of amateurish (although maybe that was the point). But then IATTBYH is my hands-down favourite rock & roll documentary, so maybe I'm biased.

On a related note, I used to have a copy of an MP3 audio parody of the same film. It involves Fake Jay Bennett dubbing a lot of screaming monkey sounds onto tracks off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, among other things. Does anyone have this or know how to find it?

Thanks for posting this, martinX's bellbottoms.
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Gimme some money.
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"It's got all the elements of classic Goblins, with, like... weird noises on top of it."
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That was the line I was laughing about most, interrobang. This is absolutely brilliant so far. Thanks for posting it.
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(That's how I've always described Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to people who haven't heard it—"It's like a pretty good, standard folk-rock album, with, like... weird noises on top of it".)
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Ha! Same here, except I replace "pretty good, standard folk-rock" with "horrible crap for people who haven't listened to indie rock in the last 15 years to listen to in their Audi".
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What interrobang and sleepy pete said, with "Jeff Tweedy always sounds like he's trying to push out a dump when he sings" added.
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I should apologize because my comment makes me out to be some sort of music snob, which I am, but not against those types of people. It's mainly that I find Jeff Tweedy and Wilco to be tediously generic, sometimes with weird noises on top or weird time signatures underneath. Then I was told that the album is some of the most amaingly creative and ingenious music made in the 00s or something and it made me a bit ill.

Plus my lingering class problems led me to want to strangle him the entire time I watched the original, which I never did finish I don't think (the film, not the strangling).
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hmm, the z key stopped working...
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Your favorite parody of your favorite band's documentary sucks.
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I really like IATTBYH. I really like Wilco in general, and I think Jeff Tweedy is a really great songwriter even if he seems like kind of a dick and a whiner in some respects. I'm also in a band with sleepy pete, so this has come up before.

The thing to keep in mind is that sleepy pete has, where a normal person would have a heart, only a shriveled black lump of semi-organic matter that smells a bit like cheese and vinyl. But it's a rare, genuinely underrated vinyl by a band that didn't get enough credit for doing something great before someone else did it well but less great and got rich off it, and I respect that that's a recurring theme in music and in the arts in general and so I can dig it. And it's also kind of good cheese.
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Heh. I've long held the theory that Jeff Tweedy's greatest frustration is that he's not Tim Rutili (as the last paragraph of this interview seems to bear out!).
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cortex: Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up? Can you turn it up?

me: Can you hear it now?


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You're out of the band.
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I've spent my fair share of time posting "your favorite band sucks" and variations of that in different music threads over the years. Typing this takes time and reading this take times. In fact, recent studies suggest that the average Mefite will spend up to six months of their lives typing and reading variations on the phrase "your favorite band sucks." That's more time than most humans will spend making love to their partners.

I propose that we introduce a short hand way of communicating this concept.

In brief, we should agree that ES means "Everything You Like Sucks." Thus, when we get the urge to post "your favorite brand of toothpaste sucks" or "your pet of choice sucks," we can save the time spent thinking of how to phrase this and typing it out by simply typing ES.

Studies suggest that it takes from 3-7 seconds to type "your favorite band sucks." It takes less than 1 second to type "ES," creating more time in the average Mefites day to "have a headache" or "not really be in the mood right now."

The quality of everyone's life will improve dramatically.
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I agree Tweedy is kind of overrated, but at least the people he surrounds himself with are amazing. Nels Cline... Glenn Kotche... oh man.
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Um, this would have been cooler had it been the real Goblin. Also, the real Jay Bennett made me laugh inappropriately hard when I saw IATTBYH at the theatre. And let me tell you, laughter sure carries at the Music Box when it's not full.
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IATTBYH made me feel really sorry for Jay Bennett and gave me kind of a vague unpleasant feeling about the rest of the band. I was never a great fan, but I haven't enjoyed their music as much since seeing it....
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I'm the same way as far as feeling weird about them after the Bennett thing. There might have been conflict there, but an awesome album was forged out of that conflict, and firing him was a failure to acknowledge that and the work he had done to help bring them to that point. Right or wrong, my impression of their later stuff is tainted by that.
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Firing Jay Bennett was not the first time Jeff Tweedy had had a major falling out
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umm didn't mean to post that right away/at all
Anyway, I think firing Jay Bennett has allowed Wilco to move past folk rock albums with weird noises and go back to just making good folk rock albums. See Sky Blue Sky, which I didn't like at first, but has certainly grown on me.
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horrible crap for people who haven't listened to indie rock in the last 15 years to listen to in their Audi

You've just said far more about yourself than the band.
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davebush, Wilco presented a watered-down representation of the zeitgeist that doesn't amount to much at all with their album Yankee Foxtrot Hotel and the film was nothing more than a spoiled rock star pretending to be indier than thou. Especially since Jay Farrar wrote all the best songs in Uncle Tupelo from day one. Summer Teeth is a far better album, it just didn't sell as well (as far as I can remember).

If you want to talk about weird Americana in the 20th century, we could start with Charles Ives if you want. John Fahey did Americana with weird noises over it much better on the second side of his album Requia in the late '60s. As scody pointed out above, Califone and many other bands (Neutral Milk Hotel also comes to mind) were doing the same thing, but better, around the time of the release. Those are just a few off the top of my head.

So I'm not sure what you want, really. I already apologized for making that comment because it wasn't what I really thought of the band's fans, but a lazy shorthand way of calling them lame.

But it's cool.
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Although I've moved past Wilco and now listen exclusively to recordings of feral children tuning sarindars with their feet, I still get a few giggles out of this IATTBYH audio spoof, via gnfti.
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sleepy pete has good, good points. Wilco is kinda weak sauce. Boxed in on both ends by Will Oldham and Jeff Mangum.
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I wanna like them; I really do. The only song I can stand on A Ghost is Born is "The Late Greats", though. That's a great song. I think it would sound great live, covered by a band that could throw out some serious noise in the bridge....
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Oh, Alvy, the irony!

I had completely forgotten that I a) had posted it there or b) even ever had a Vox account (I never use it).

So thanks for reminding me!
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Oh for pete's sake, I missed the second paragraph of your comment!
That could've saved me thirty minutes of stumbling through Wilco FPPs, ruminating on how much I dislike Vox, and trawling stavros' comment history (I remembered it had something to do with a bang-on Bennett impersonation, stupid Vox, and a Mefite with a polysyllabic run-on handle).
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