Italian Spiderman
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You loved the trailer. Now here's episode one. ITALIAN SPIDERMAN.
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Spiderman, Spiderman
Fa qualunque un ragno può.
Fila un fotoricettore, tutto il formato.
Interferisce i ladri, appena come le mosche.
Osservi fuori!
Qui viene lo Spiderman!
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It must be difficult to spin webs and talk with your hands at the same time.

/slaps self
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What the merda? I love it. Instantly.
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oh my god it's full of stelle
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Great stuff! I assume this is faux-old, which makes it all the more impressive. Love the reference to the girls breasts as mellons (in the promo).
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Uhm... just how many shots does a sawed off shot gun have anyway?
    Did I miss a memo? Since when does Spider-man:
  1. have a moustache?
  2. speak italian?
  3. not have a hyphen in his name?
  4. play blackjack?
  5. hit girls?
  6. smoke?
  7. have a physique roughly like mine?
  8. have the power to turn into a crash test dummy when he wants to jump off buildings?
  9. have enough money to pay for an expensive motorcycle?
  10. try to out cool Clint Eastwood?
  11. shoot bartenders and blackjack dealers who didn't hurt him at all they was just doin' their jobs is all. sheesh!
  12. wear a mask that even pansy-ass Robin wouldn't be caught dead wearing?
I call foul on this play. Foul, I say! Does Stan Lee know about this? He'd be spinning in his grave if it weren't for the fact he ain't dead yet. Don't they have comic books in Italy? Don't they know this is completely wrong? Or is this come italian culture clash thing that I'm totally ignorant of cuz I'm a stupid American? I hate being a stupid American I miss out on all the fun stuff.
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ZachsMind: Foul, I say! Does Stan Lee know about this?

I think Stan Lee is peeing himself laughing right about now.
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What? No Japanese Spiderman?
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Who knew that "One More Day" storyline would have such far-reaching repercussions?

"I can save your aunt... but in return, I'll require... your marriage."
"Damn you! All right."
"Also, you'll be fat and unkempt and your costume will look like crap."
"... Okay."
"And this one time you try to grab a guy, he'll turn into a bunch of snakes."
"Huh? A bunch of what?"
"Then you'll punch this chick and steal her necklace. Oh, and all this will happen in Italy in the 70s."
"Well, I've always wanted to see Rome."
"Ha ha ha! Yes, see Rome... see Rome forever!"

(spinning Spider-Man face stinger)
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zachsmind: do you really not get the joke?
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puke & cry is my Italian Spiderman.
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Best. Trailer. Ever.
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Spider-Pig Theme Song.
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whoa, it's like watching a porno without nudity or sex.
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Kind of a double.
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My tax dollars at work ...

The South Australian Film Corporation recently made a $9,500 grant to support the development of a series of short videos based on the character of Italian Spiderman, the dubious superhero created by Flinders University Screen Studies graduate* Dario Russo.

* As, alas, am I.
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Empath: "zachsmind: do you really not get the joke?"

You mean that was supposed to be funny?
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Its good to live in a world where Italian Spiderman is protecting us.
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Dammit the gurlz are hot ! Bone, belle, brave! E fammi un caffè porca puttana !
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I'm speechless. Thank you, I think
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Okay, the grainy faux-retro low budget footage is great, but there are also somewhat sketchy moments in this when there's no joke except playing off a cheap cultural stereotype. I'm as crass as the next pig-ignorant unreconstructed bigot, believe me, but I felt a bit uncomfortable with the sections that were like 'Italians are fat, poorly dressed, drunken misogynists, LOLAMIRITE?' I don't object to the offensiveness, so much as it's lazy and therefore less funny than the straight spoof sections.
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He's all about respecting the ladies! He punches the leering louts in the hallway who were harassing the pretty lady. And then punches her, shut up and bring me a macchiato.
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italian spiderman is hilarious, but indian superman will give you such an intense, full feeling of pleasure you will feel like you are going to burst.
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So, uh, what do we have to do for a glorious 67 minutes of this film to be released in its entirety?
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but I felt a bit uncomfortable with the sections that were like 'Italians are fat, poorly dressed, drunken misogynists, LOLAMIRITE?'

RokkitNite: you're wrong. This is clearly ispired by the italian genre movies from the seventies, despised in Italy at the time but recently rediscovered also thanks to many american directors. In those movies the fat, poorly dressed guy was often the hero.
Case in point: la Mala Ordina.

Not the best Fernando Di Leo movie, but still a good one. My favourite it's Milano Calibro 9*, but in The Boss there's even some social commentary.

* used there as a music video for vinylistic
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Funny, this is exactly how I expected the Super Mario Brothers movie to begin.
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Darkripper - point conceded. But I still feel a bit iffy round this sort of humour, the same way I feel iffy around the Fawlty Towers 'The Germans' episode, in that I'm not convinced the core audience are going to be laughing for the 'right' reason. That's the catch with satire, I suppose.
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That was satire???
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Come to think of it... that was Italian?
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ZachsMind: You're a bad person.
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