Fifty Thousand Shirts
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Fifty Thousand Shirts. Creative guy Steve Paterson has teamed up with a number of other partners (and is still looking for more) to sell 50,000 t-shirts in memory of the more than 50,000 people who died in China's recent 7.9 magnitude earthquake in order to raise $1,000,000.
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Do you really need a badge to mark how generous you are?

This is a better way to give $25.
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I don't think it's as much about "a badge" - at least it isn't for me. I see it purely as a way to almost passively perform passalong or get someone to ask about your shirt and drive you to it. Point taken, but I don't think it's about ego for most people.
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...but I don't think it's about ego for most people.

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I am continually amazed at the judgmental attitude toward giving here on Metafilter. Here's the deal folks. The motivation of the giver is completely beside the point. Some people give out of ego. Some give for self aggrandizement. Some give to impress chicks. Some give to assuage guilt. Some give out of the pure altruism of their unblemished souls, which seems to be the only motivation that many here in the blue will accept. Stop judging people for why they give or why they set up foundations or why they raise money. The point is the money they raise, not everybody's reasons for doing it.
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And, yes, some people need a badge to demonstrate how generous they are. djspicerack thanks for helping those people find a way to help.
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Seems the death toll has surpassed 60,000.
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MetaFilter: a judgmental attitude toward giving
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$25 x 50,000 = $1,250,000. Nice way to clear a quarter-million on the deaths of others. That is 1,750,000rmb. Of profit. Directly related to the deaths of others.

I'm with Super Hans on this one.

A unique number? As if that correlates to the compassion or concern of the wearer. Gross.
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I hate to say it, but looks like he needs 80,000
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Um, 650,000?
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I'm an idiot. Said it for you. Wrong thread. Anyone for Iraq t-shirts? (sorry)
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