Robert Hodgin -- musical visualization and more.
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Robert Hodgin does wonderful stuff with visualization [recently discussed in this excellent FPP]. To get you started, here's a Radiohead video that's been making the rounds.

Hodgin's blog is full of wonderful examples, both musical (Goldfrapp — with lyrics, The Flashbulb) and non (earthquakes, butterfly wings, and that old chestnut, flocking birds).

Often his posts include a few technical details — and here's a full-fledged how-to post if you're interested. Oh, and here's a pigeon with a fez. Enjoy!
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(Note to self: use the words "wonderful" and "here" less often.)
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nice - I love his radiohead video (actually, a lot more than the few I had seen at aniboom). I saw that he had some source code up for his visualizations, but I couldn't find anything that I could easily throw in to itunes, which I would love to do if it was available...
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I watched that Radiohead video twice. It was beautiful and trippy. I wish I could do something like that but I still have a rough time staying in between the lines with a crayon.
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Download Winamp. The AVS visualizer (I think still comes built-in) has a GUI for making your own visualizers. Its strengths are different than what this guy has developed, i.e. it would be hard to duplicate some of the effects he uses. To get anything of modern standards you will need a little math and programming, but people make very impressive visualizations with it, to the point that writing software 3D renderers in the little AVS GUI is pretty much old hat these days.
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That Radiohead video is pretty sweet. I'm glad he decided to submit it instead.

Not nitpicking, because this is much expanded & meatier: Goldfrapp, previously. (It now has the blatantly obvious goldfrapp tag.)
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