Twisters, masticators and more...
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That is some good chewin' and blowin'

Interesting medium to choose though.
posted by triv at 12:08 PM on May 26, 2008

posted by Marygwen at 12:30 PM on May 26, 2008

The sensual act of chewing, the voluptuous warmth of rebelling saliva, the artificial and secretly aseptic fragrance which spreads from the mouth as a promise and missed kiss. The synthetic fleshliness of the pink color, the obsessive square shape of the product unwrapped and ready to be shred to pieces by the power of the tongue, all compete in crashing on the senses.


Just don't swallow it.
posted by Kabanos at 12:52 PM on May 26, 2008

Doesn't look like he necessarily chews it first.
posted by autodidact at 1:29 PM on May 26, 2008

I eschew this kind of art because excessive mastication causes blindness.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 2:24 PM on May 26, 2008


^ The sound of art conservators worldwide, upon realizing that they should have taken that "Bubble Gum 101" conservation class undergrad, at Yale.
posted by R. Mutt at 2:55 PM on May 26, 2008

This is awesome.
posted by rifflesby at 4:24 PM on May 26, 2008

posted by kcds at 7:59 PM on May 26, 2008

Related -- "Twisted: A Balloonamentary."
posted by ericb at 2:40 PM on May 27, 2008

More balloons.
posted by ericb at 2:41 PM on May 27, 2008

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