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If you like the art styles of Dresden Codak, Questionable Content, or Tony DeTerlizzi, you'll probably like the style of Jen Wang. She has recently started a new art blog. She also has a pretty nice gallery. Several of my favorites. (Several of the gallery pieces are NSFW.)

I don't really know a lot about art; the extent of my art criticism skills consists of saying "Ooo, pretty!" when I see something I like. But I said that often enough when I discovered her site tonight that I thought I'd share. She was mentioned previously in this post, but her link in that is broken.
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I do like Jen Wang, but her site is woefully devoid of thumbnails...
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I seem to be slowly collecting art and illustration blogs as of late. Though I've known of Jen Wang for a while, I didn't know about the new blog, so thanks. Her style is a great example of a hybrid of manga and western influences that I've notice popping up in recent years (Becky Cloonan is another example that springs to mind). I'm looking forward to her work in the future, especially if she does go ahead with her plans to do graphic novels.

She did used to do a webcomic a few year back that I quite enjoyed at the time, called Strings of Fate. But it was never finished and eventually she took it offline entirely. It's likely that as she progressed further, art-wise, she became embarrassed by her old work and couldn't bear the thought of anyone else seeing it. While I can definitely sympathize*, I still think it's a shame.

*Not that I can compare much to Jen, as she is waaaay more skilled than me, but I when I do look back through old sketchbooks it can be hard to fight the urge to toss them in the bin sometimes.
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Okay, I'm trying to subscribe to her blog, but when I click the links blogger redirects me (to the same page) and feeding the link directly to my reader doesn't do anything. Is anyone else having problems?
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Great stuff! In reply to gc, I kind of agree, but at the same time I think it was partly the lack of thumbnails that had me compulsively thumbing through nearly all of Nedroid's (super!) pictures. It's like reaching into a tombola!
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Does Questionable Content have an "art style"?
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Strings of Fate was marvelous. I miss it.

Glad to see Jen Wang is still out there though, I do enjoy her art style.
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I like her style quite a bit, and I also enjoy her writing. My favorites were home portrait and double happiness wedding. I'm okay with the no thumbnails, too; made me click every link to see what was out there. Good post, thanks!
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"Dance of the Flight Attendant" is simply amazing. Very nice visual presentation.
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