Hava nagila, have two nagilas, have three nagilas; they're very small.
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Claire and Merna Bagelman, better known as The Barry Sisters. Every Sunday from 1938 to 1955 on WHN in New York, they mashed Swing with Yiddish Folk as the main attraction on the radio program Yiddish Melodies in Swing.[via] "We take a tune that's sweet and low, and we rock it solid and make it gold." They are indeed a Hebrew National Kosher Classic. More Yiddish music webceptacles.

It's Yiddish swing time,
it's always springtime,
every Sunday at 1!

It's Yiddish swing time,
it's dance and sing time.
Come on, Let's have fun!

Sit, bubbellah, and listen to some tunes on the Youtube radio.
Vi iz dus geseleh?
Coney Island
The Passover Medley
Yidl Mitn Fidl
Chiribim, Chiribom (?) and Tum Balalaika
Eshet Chail (linked to above)
Halevai (with Moishe Oysher)
Channa from Havanna (video picture pastiche documenting Jews in Cuba)
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
several bits of tunes overlaid with some footage...
• ...and of course, הבה נגילה (Hava Nagila)!
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Vaht's this? The Bagelman sisters? Nevah heard of 'em!

Which is one of the reasons I'm favoriting this post. Fantastic! On the strength of that Bagelman link alone, I am already a major fan! My wife, overhearing that one, loves it, too. Thanks, n_o_d.
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My favorite as a kid was "In Meina Oigen Bistie Shain," but I can't find that on Youtube.
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Love them. I first heard "Mir Bist du Shoen" (?) on a lazy Sunday summer afternoon on the radio (about two years ago) and it stood out a mile from everything else. I can't find it online but here are the Andrews sisters doing a fun though less amazing version of it.
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LobsterMitten and LSK: this link starts out with "Bei Mir Bist Di Schoen" which seems to be the one that kickstarted the whole Yiddish Swing thing (the Andrews Sisters reviving the song from an old musical).
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I have old YMiS shows on cassette somewhere around here, a weird gift from a friend working at the Old Towne School of Folk Music. I never knew exactly wtf it was or heard any more of it. This is totally fun. The Coney Island link has some great old video footage too. "Oh Mr Schwartz, those patent leather shorts!" I have been on the Wonder Wheel and it is freaking SCARY.
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I sent this thread to my mother, and here's what she sent back. Not yiddish swing, more like yiddish rock.
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Those bottle dancers performing in the Hava Nagila clip are 100 different types of awesome. If I was having myself a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding, I'd hire them in a flash.
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oh thanks. WWOZ new orleans did a special on the bagelmans a while back, and i had forgotten to look them up.
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