BBC's Learning English
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Did you know the BBC has extensive pages on learning English?
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No I didn't.

Did you know that the BBC also has pages on learning Spanish, French, German and Italian?
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I'm pretty surprised at all the extensive subject pages the BBC has, they're pretty impressive. I love browsing through the history sections on my downtime. It's fun, educational, and thanks to a nice man named George Washington, I don't even have to pay a license fee!
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Pft. Who need English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian, when you can learn the world's awesomest language: Welsh. You, too, can ymunwch.
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BBC speaks finance. Their equity market coverage is fairly solid, and is a good single page overview of what's happening in several important global markets.

For a free web site they've also got surprisingly good market commentary (actually, I'm probably paying for this somehow out of my license fee ...)
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Now if only the English would use them.
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Nothing for learning Arabic?
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Am I bovvered?
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They also have news in 33 languages (which, incidentally, is not paid for from the licence fee, but by the UK Foreign Office).
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The BBC taught me how to do a proper front crawl.
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The BBC taught me how to cook.

This is fun.

Mutant, 49p a month of your licence fee went on the web pages. Cheap as chips!

The BBC's policy on learning.
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I'd love to see the US news edutainment organizations' equivalent of these pages. They'd be full of useful American English phrases like:

Twelve miles per gallon? The new Chevy® Tahoe™ really is environmentally friendly! I must purchase one immediately with credit from GMAC® financing and fill it with reasonably-priced gasoline products from Exxon-Mobil®!

What time is American Idol™ broadcast on Fox™? I will watch it on my Westinghouse® TV while eating delicious Doritos®-brand snack chips and drinking a delicious Coca-Cola®-brand product!
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Do you want your children to say con-TROV-ersy?
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Do you want your children to say con-TROV-ersy?

If they didn't I'd stir up one.

Also: I wish I could read English so I could benefit from this post. Seriously, I've seen trams riding through Amsterdam with a huge "N E D E R L A N D S   L E R E N ?" on the side. What good does that do if you can't already read that?
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That said, "Singer and the song" was pretty goddamn cool. I mean, seriously, learn English through "Born Slippy"? Awesome.
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Do you want your children to say con-TROV-ersy?

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The BBC provides excellent, in-depth coverage of the world, both online and in televised broadcasts. If you pay attention to the BBC, you learn things that you'd be hard-pressed to find in U.S. media.
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