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Jake and Amir work together and are ace friends, brotha.

They've been making 2 minute shorts for just over a year now. To get you started, here's a fan-selected best-of compilation. They also post outtakes and extras to their facebook group. Amir's been featured on MeFi previously.
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more college humor shit? Really? That's it? God, give me a 3-CCD camera, time to kill at the office and a tumblr account and I could do better.
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Oh, and Amir branched out a while back with jakkeandamirdidthisworkhowdoihitsendisthisanemailjakke.org.
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Your favorite sucky 20-something comedians suck.
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Barely even comedy, indeed.
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I smiled, but I didn't watch another.
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Terrible. I mean truly awful. No smiles, nothing but cringe.
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These guys have nothing on Waverly Films.
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I thought it was kind of funny.
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Okay. So, I admit the first one I watched, I felt the way these other posters do. Then I watched another. Kind of sniggered. Another. Chortled. Another. Bona fide laughter now.

I'm about twenty in and I think they're freaking hilarious. It's character comedy, so it builds over time. Not to say peeps ain't quite within their rights to hate on it, just that I'm fully wiping away tears now. Thanks, carsonb.
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It grew on me as well.
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I think I enjoyed the first clip linked because it reminded me of the year I spent working at the same place as my brother, a "lovable slacker"-type who spent most of his time emailing or IM'ing me basically the same sort of stuff as Amir does in the clip.
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I must admit that a couple months ago I watched like fifty episodes in a row when i was sick in bed. Very addicting. Definitely something that gets better the more you watch.
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I like Jake and Amir, although I couldn't tell you why, maybe because it's not perfect (not great?) but it makes it feel more real, like if I tried to make this; this is how it would turn out.

Anyway, I am surprised this is the first time they made it into the blue, kudos on the FPP.
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!!! troubles, I second that, it is very addicting, as I did the same exact thing, but ended up keeping up with it even after the day I watched 80 episodes in a row.
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I just watched about twenty of their videos, they definitely have an addictive quality. Also watched the prank war, and was really depressed by that last one. It sobered me up emotionally, made me realize that I was sitting in front of a computer with a dried up bowl of cereal remains at ten o'clock in the morning.

Still, though, thanks for the links. Funny stuff.
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Jesus people, get on message! The whole point of threads is for us to sneer at stuff so that casual readers will think that we are all capable of better than this without us having to put up. Saying you like it completely undermines the unstated goal of the community. You've just killed metafilter.

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I really enjoyed hating it. I can see enjoying hating it in the future as well. They come out ever couple days or so?
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The douchebags that did the godawful fake prank war videos? On metafilter? Really?
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