Jason Freeny, unlocking the mysteries of the Gummi Bear.
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Overlooked or ignored for far too long by the medical establishment, twisty balloon dog anatomy and gummi bear anatomy are just two of the crucial areas that Moist Production's Jason Freeny is working to bring wider attention to. He's also to be commended for his tireless efforts in raising awareness of Disney character suicide and death by unexplainable circumstance. And there's free downloadable desktops, kids! [1 or 2 of the pages at Moist maybe NSFW]

By the way, you might want to check out some of the other artists (working in somewhat similar veins) that appear on Freeny's "Top Friends" at his MySpace page. That's how I discovered Mark Bannerman, for example, whose work is quite delightful.
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Whoa - that's incredible. Excellent find. The gummi bear anatomy really blew my mind - I'm actually at an EMT-B training course right now and I'm sitting here surrounded by anatomical posters of every conceivable shape and size. That poster is pretty much spot on. Just needs an inset showing burn-depths and the presentations of high altitude pulmonary edema.
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Holy hell my little fly brain just splattered on some sort of illustrative windshield. That was awesome! Immediate sense gratification, indeed, in that the sensation, the mouthfeel of a gummi bear was instantly conjjured in my brain. That was icing on a very warped-out cake. Nice find!
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My new favorite. Great post, Flapjax.
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Fantastic! What a great post - thanks.
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I especially like "Fates That Await" in the graphite section. I can relate. I was really hoping he was selling Gummy Bear anatomy figurines. Oh well, maybe someday.
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reminds me of this. Shame that the link from the previous post referenced there seems to be down. I think that had a Buttercup skeleton.
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