A one-man cinematic AskMe
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Have your filmmaking questions answered by Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC. One of the great cinematographers maintains a forum on his website in which he answers readers' questions with a treasure trove of information and opinion on cameras, lighting and filmmaking in general.
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Damn nice post. Thanks.
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I like this thread in which someone comes in all excited about using a digital intermediate to do "virtual lighting". Deakins is like "wtf are you talking about, I just use it to adjust a few things". Eventually the guy comes back and says it didn't work out the way he thought it would. Deakins says this:
Yes, there are many people who think they can digitally relight their picture and it just doesn't work like that. The closer the negative is to the image you want then the better the DI will look. It is a brilliant tool but it is not a paintbox. If you had a virtual digital world then you could light it any way you want and move the camera any way you want as well. As of now they still call that animation.
Good stuff. Some of the posts and questions are a bit boneheaded. I'm surprised he has the patience to answer a lot of it.
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Very useful, thanks.
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What I loved most about 'No Country For Old Men' was that there didn't appear to be any lighting added at all. Except the car headlights, of course.
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Oh, and I guess he's making up here for the talk he gave in New York, where he left in the middle to rush off to the Academy Awards.
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A one-man cinematic AskMe

I can see it now...

"Hey Rog,

I really enjoyed No Country For Old Men. What other movies featuring serial killers would I like? Bonus points if they have a creative signature weapon!"
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Hey, Rog -- where does that term "best boy" come from?
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