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Bill Cosby auctions off ic/ronic sweaters from Cosby Show for charity. This article has a nice description of the auction, the charity, and also mentions that there's a National Cosby Sweater Day!
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Gee. Cos never seemed the type for the icronic.
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iconic + ironic = ic/ronic.
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I believe you meant i[c|r]onic.
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I ♥ Dr. Cosby -- a great man!
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'Cos they're not acrylic, y'see?
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I came here to post that, GuyZero, but you beat me to it, so I will confine myself to wondering publically whether this accounts for Jamarcus Russell's sweaters.
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Wow. That man is truly the fashion heir to Herr Cosby.

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Fortunately or not, I can't think of Cosby without thinking of House of Cosbys.

Also, I totally crushed on Phylicia Rashād when I was a wee lad.
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I'm torn with regards to Dr. Cosby. I don't know how to feel about him anymore. I feel expecting him to make me laugh is an imposition. Even his face... I don't know how I'm supposed to...

I grew up listening to his comedy. He's been a solid voice of humor and wisdom in my life. I can't remember ever not knowing he existed. When I was very little, my parents brought home the record album where the Jackson Five returned to Indiana. On side one, Bill Cosby was very prominent. He was like the narrator of the first side, and there was this audio story about the Jacksons getting sick on candy so they couldn't play basketball. Made absolutely no sense looking back at it now, but I remember laughing my fool head off repeatedly.

Anyway, he's always been around. I've never known a world in which we didn't land on the moon. I've never known a world in which JFK was not dead. I've never known a world in which Bill Cosby could not make it laugh. These are just factors in my life that I've taken as given.

The first time I recall learning that Cosby had a son was in listening to an eight track cassette of his comedy routines. I can't remember the year, but the fact it was an eight track I was listening to should give one an idea. One of the pieces on the tape was called "Ennis' toilet" and in it Cosby went on and on about how his infant son would drag this diaper along the floor with gunk that was like nuclear toxic waste. So whenever I heard about Ennis Cosby, that's the image I'd see, and I'd always crack a smile.

A few years back, his son passed away. Well, I say 'passed away.' He was gunned down in cold blood. I couldn't see Ennis Cosby as a full grown adult at the time I was told, even though rationally I knew by then he was. I never saw a picture of a grown up Ennis, so all I saw in my mind that dreary day was a baby with a diaper that needed changing. The news of that day did not coincide with this first mental image, and I could not crack a smile anymore.

Ever since then, Bill Cosby stopped being funny. I can't find laughter when I look at him, nor do I think it right that I should. Also, I think my already ironic and pessimistic view on life and reality just got that much ...bleaker. Listening to his comedy routines now no longer makes me happy. I feel like something's been stolen from me, and I can't ever properly convey the value of what was stolen. Cosby's humor was of great value to me. The word "priceless" doesn't begin to...

It's like learning that Santa Claus isn't real: Bill Cosby can't really destroy evil with the power of laughter. That's a lesson I did not want to learn.
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Isn't Bill busy lecturing the black community on how to behave? How does he have time for a sweater auction? "With the hip and the hop..."
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Excellent title for the post. Well played, sir.
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the iChronic sounds like the invention of a completely stoned Steve Jobs
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