Darker Projects
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Darker Projects has a bunch of original audio dramas in the sci-fi, horror, and suspense vein. Think of it as your local community audio-only theatre, or not-actually-old-timey old-time radio.

Also think of it as an opportunity to get some friends together and practice your audio MSTing skills.
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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.
posted by Faint of Butt at 6:56 AM on June 1, 2008

Invisible Playhouse!
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WARNING THIS PAGE STARTS LOUD AUDIO ON LOADING which may wake up your girlfriend.

Also, no RSS feed? WTF.
posted by nicwolff at 8:02 AM on June 1, 2008

This series is also particularly good.

why can't any of these groups find a halfway decent website template to use?
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Of course I complained about their site design and apparently they do have an archive with a better layout. Use that link instead, your eyes will thank you.
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Oh this looks promising. Maybe it'll help fill the gap left by scifi.com's defunct Seeing Ear Theater, which presented dramatized short stories and old-time radio thrillers.
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nicwolff writes: WARNING THIS PAGE STARTS LOUD AUDIO ON LOADING which may wake up your girlfriend.

Like the people into this kind of stuff have girlfriends! Ha!

Ok, cheap and cliche shot, but what always irritates me about these sites is the whole fanfic aspect. I like BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, SG1, etc. as much as the next guy, but with the exception of BSG these shows do a good enough job of putting out their own bad content. Help from fans is not required.

These are obviously creative people, so the question becomes why not make original content with characters you have come up with. The equally obvious answer is because they want to play in someone else's garden. Doubt it will make it more difficult for these people to sleep at night, but I just can't respect this.

It's sad when a good idea is poorly executed (in my opinion). But then I am a trademark/copyright nut and think fanfic is one level below the whole fury thing. That said, if there was any Hermione and Snape fanfic out there, where they had sex and stuff, that would be cool, especially if it were illustrated! And then these guys could make an audio play of this sex script!
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total absence of credibility. they're talking about "this new fad called audio theater" -- what the...???

no linkages to anything by firesign theater, no link to hayward sanitarium (disclosure: i worked on hayward). two huge mistakes when it comes to having any 'archival' sense of sci-fi/horror audio theater.

but nevertheless, i look forward to listening to their stuff. thanks for the post.
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CitizenD, did you know that archive.org has loads of old-time radio? See especially The Shadow and Philip Marlowe for Nick Danger antecedent action.
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