RFK Funeral Train
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RFK Funeral Train A moving audio and photo account of photographer Paul Fusco's experience on the RFK funeral train to Washington DC. {via NYTimes Magazine}
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They saw hope pass by..... in a train.
posted by Senator at 5:52 AM on June 2, 2008

instead of spending so much time reminiscing about our fallen progressive leaders, we should look inside ourselves and ask why it has become necessary for us to kill them.
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When I first saw these pictures in the book of the same name about seven years ago, I was surprised to find myself on the verge of tears--and remain surprised that these photos still elicit such strong emotions in me. I can think of no other series of photos that has this kind of effect on me, and I encourage anyone who has not spent some time with the book to do so. What Fusco captured on film that day still haunts me.
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I love that in an odd type of reversal this story is not really about RFK but about the people he impacted, not what I was expecting, I thought the focus was going to be entirely on this politician, in fact it's on the people of America, very interesting.
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Err, "us"? I didn't kill him, and neither did those people watching the train go by.
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This is a great set of photos, but sort of thin on the post front.

More photos at the gallery site here and at digitaljournalist, here. The original exhibit went up in 2001, and the Times reviewed it here. A book is coming out is August published by Aperture (though their site seems to be down right now).

I almost lost it reading this on BART yesterday. Seeing people respond to that tragedy ... it reminded me that politics is in a large part spiritual and emotional. We want something bigger to believe in. The spiritual is something that, until Obama, high-profile lefties have ceded to the right. Here's hoping that we can keep spirits hopeful through November and beyond.
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Thanks for this post, doug3505. I remember watching the train on TV - it was incredible. I still feel a real sense of loss and grief over his death. Over the death of hope.
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