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Legendary artist Alton Kelley created a graphic style that rocked the world beginning in the psychedelic sixties. His concert posters, logo designs, LP album covers, and fine art have forevermore defined that time. Kelley passed away peacefully at home on Sunday, June 1, 2008 of complications from a long illness.
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It's been a lousy day for rock and roll.

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A great artist/illustrator, someone who really taught me a lot about what I like in art (I didn't know him but I obsessed on his work).

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Shit. This makes me incredibly sad. I've enjoyed his and Mouse's work since I was old enough to recognize it for what it is. As Joel Selvin (senior pop music critic for the SF Chronicle) said in one of the above links, Kelley and Mouse "drew the first face on rock music."

Thank you, Alton, for so many great album covers and concert posters. Your art work has been some of the only art work I've ever eaten, albeit one or two tiny, perforated squares paper at a time.

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Coincidentally, Bo Diddly just died as well.
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Lately, I've been morbidly curious about what people end up dying of. Any indications of what sent Alton on his way?
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thanks for making beautiful pieces of paper.
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Apparently, his family has 20-30k in unpaid hospital bills.
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the very essence of Psychedelicia. captured on paper. Draw on, Kelly!

(what's up with Mouse these days?)
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I asked Alton to do the lettering on the cover of my 1993 book with David Shenk, Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads. He was a very sweet guy, very generous and witty, and I was amused when he showed me his secret gallery of posters he made to work off his hostility over various contractual issues that had come up in dealing with the Grateful Dead machine over the years. (One of them said, in the psychedelic lettering that he made famous, DREADFUL GREED: WALL STREET TOUR.) I was honored to have his lettering on our book, I was happy to give him the work, and I am thankful for his generosity and humor that day. RIP, Alton.
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muckster, thanks for that link. I have verified the validity of that account with a friend of the family. Please contribute.
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Thanks for checking that out, digaman.
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