Do the Uke!
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The UkeCast The Ukulele Podcast
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I am very sorry; my first reaction was that this had to be a self-link, because I figured there's no way two people could be interested in a ukulele podcast.
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On my RSS feed, all I saw was "Do the Uke!" and came to a completely different conclusion about the content involved.

Google search "Uke." But not from work.
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Needs more cowbell and/or George Formby. Uketastic find.
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The "A" Ukuleles Of Halifax, courtesy of my site It Came From Canada. Make sure to check out the cover of "Country Roads."
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Look up "Seeso" at YouTube. But not from work.

Awesome ukelele artist. Great covers of songs done in his unique style. He's got this emotive voice that works great in contrast to the sound of the instrument. I highly recommend the guy. I used to be dismissive of ukelele until I heard him. He's shown me a new appreciation for the instrument.
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Naw, I don't listen to enough Ukulele music to put together a podcast of Ukulele artists, I can't even play, I wish I could. And what's wrong with the Ukulele music, and or podcasts about them?


Oh my... DO NOT WANT!!!
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Wow, thanks alot, so far what I've heard I really enjoyed, he has this great jazz rasp to his voice.
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You're welcome, Del Far.

Seeso does a Nirvana cover that is without peer - an improvement on the original, and I don't say such things about covers lightly. Freakin' awesome. I like his original stuff also.
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You can stand under my ukulele... ele... ele...
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A buddy of mine is a ukulele enthusiast - he's always sending me Youtube videos of really amazing performances. Evidently, this is a really vibrant subculture full of some really talented people. (This is him, BTW.)
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(Crap, forgot the link)
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Since that I just got back from Hawaii I now consider myself an avid Ukulele aficionado (until my vacation buzz wears off.)
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For all you closet ukulele lovers, check out The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. Really great fun and a big hit down our way.
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I just checked the about the Orch page and saw that Bret from Flight of the Conchords is in it, so I'm sold :-)
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Now that I'm some place where I can access YouTube links, here's Seeso (aka Narciso Lobo) for those of you who were too lazy to search for him yourselves. Here's some direct links to songs of his that particularly stand out for me, but all his shit's good.

Oasis' Wonderwall
Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
John Lennon's Imagine
Baby It's Cold Outside with fellow YT uke player Whitney

and a couple of his originals, but they're all kickass.
Thank You For Leaving Me
Half the Time
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Oh... I forgot to add the Stevie Wonder cover I Wish, but after I turn off the pooter for the night, I'm gonna think of a half dozen other ones I wish I'd added to this list.

And one more thing.
Elephant town,
Elephant town,
Elephant town!
..and that's it!
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