The Grand York
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good god. can you imagine this happening in america? there wouldn't be any masterpieces left.
posted by msconduct at 4:11 PM on June 6, 2008

They're copies, not the originals.
posted by stavrogin at 5:03 PM on June 6, 2008

And it's a great idea. I wish someone would do it here.
posted by stavrogin at 5:04 PM on June 6, 2008

York's a great city in the summer. It has an old town surrounded by the resilient remains of a Roman Wall. You can practically walk right around it.
posted by MrMerlot at 5:55 PM on June 6, 2008


posted by eriko at 6:07 PM on June 6, 2008

I LOVE this, I wish it was in Boston, i can see it here....
posted by femmme at 6:43 PM on June 6, 2008

How unusual to see any imagery in a public space with no overt commercialist agenda!
posted by DenOfSizer at 8:37 AM on June 7, 2008

The National Gallery did this last summer in London as well, but sssshhhh, don't tell the Yorkshiremen that, they like to think they came up with all the good ideas first.

I studied Archaeology in York, it was a living classroom, I love the city.
posted by Helga-woo at 7:24 AM on June 8, 2008

DenOfSizer - HP is involved in a sort of commercial way as they printed the reproductions on their large format printers. But they keep their involvement subtle.

I remember when this happened in London. It was truly fantastic to turn a corner and see a very lifelike Caravaggio staring you in the face. And as far as I could see there was little vandalism.
posted by Summer at 8:10 AM on June 8, 2008

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