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Special Containment Procedures lists a collection of unusual, bizarre and often disturbing objects.

Come for the Everything Tree, stay for the Worst Thing In The World.

An exercise in Creepypasta (previously on Metafilter.)
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I can't seem to get the site to even load...
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Oh it loads, the server just sucks. It seems to be a lame wiki of made up artifacts and such. Each page has a description of the artifact/alien device/machine gun complete with fake redacted sections and obscured dates.

Since the pages are supposed to look like real reports, it's kinda dumb to have on a wiki since anyone could go back and 'revert to previous' and learn all about that mysterious biological motherboard or the secret behind the MP5 photoshopped to look like an organic weapon.

I didn't read enough pages to see if there's an underlying story in the pages or if it's just a place for people to make up a classified story about a fiction piece of whatever.

Here's Wikipedia's take on it:
Special Containment Procedures, a series of fictional governmental documents detailing the handling of various supernatural and otherwise anomalous objects and entities.
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You got your 4chan in my MetaFilter.
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Thanks Science!, that was hella concise.

I eventually waited for all of the pages to load. Yeah. Lame is definitely the word to describe it. Lame and slow.
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lame & slow & crap.
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Special Containment Procedures Crew have been notified and are on their way.
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Web 2.0 doesn't work for art.
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So is this for a Will Smith movie? I hope so.
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So is this for a Will Smith movie? I hope so.

Nope. Like it or not, 4chan is sort of the antidote to viral advertising. This is all 12 year olds making up scary stories without giving a shit about monetizing it.
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This made me laugh:

Action 326-B: Gateway of site 62 (SCP-004) is to be destroyed. This must be done regardless of personnel or facilities remaining within the site. Remnants of the Gateway — or the gateway itself if destruction proves impossible — are to be contained in the same manner as SCP-579. High Command will then issue further instruction.

In the event of an unsuccessful Action 326-B, no further action will be necessary.
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Let's just say it. This is some seriously dumb shit. Seriously.
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I like it, but then I also like Warehouse 23.
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I love stuff like this. Thanks. The site is too damned slow though.
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I read one of them. I rather liked it, for what it is. Little bits of imagining, created whole from the mind of a human being. Like archaeological finds, from which one can posit a back story.
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There's nothing awesomer than this type of thing when it's done right. Unfortunately, not many of these particular ones were.
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I like this line from the guidelines for authors:

The secret underground shadow government doesn't resort to typing with the caps lock on when they want to emphasize that something must be done "at all costs".
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Like archaeological finds, from which one can posit a back story.

Actually, what I love about things of this sort is that they suggest two back stories: one for the described object, and another for the author of the piece. "Make up a bizarre or impossible object" is such an open-ended prompt that at their best, these things read like the Archetypes that populate some particular dork's subconscious.
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Nice idea. But easily ruined by inappropriate diction.
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I don't usually go for this sort of thing. I found the x-files disappointing, haven't had any real urge to watch 'Lost', and I even find old Twilight Zones somewhat overrated. For some reason, however, I'm really digging this.

I think in part its the brevity of each article. I don't feel cheated by the implausibility of something which took me a minute to read the way I do after blowing a half hour on bad writing and commercials.

SCP-11, in particular, gave me chills and made me smile.
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I haven’t quite been able to shake the notion that SCP-100, The Porta-Potty From Hell, reads like a surreal account from an Iraq War vet... but its only been about 30 minutes and counting.
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Some of us can be H. P. Lovecraft.

Some of us are just hideous mockeries; the desire to be horrifying reflected in pale, vacuous eyes. Claw like hands, raking on keyboards, like the sound of rats in the ceiling. And load times which the human mind cannot fathom.

That being said, 12 year olds making up scary stories is exactly the kind of intel you need when your goal every October 31st is screaming 12 year olds.
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These and Warehouse 23 reminded me of the miniseries "The Lost Room." They also reminds me of Borges, in a fan-fic sort of way. It might not be the best writing, but perhaps it will inspire someone with more talent.
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very much like the lost room. All this needs is a watch that can make hard boiled eggs.
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It's certainly worth bookmarking to go back to for a quick laugh. The variable dog was pretty funny.
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Reminds me a bit of Monday Begins on Saturday by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky. The latter is much better done, but I enjoyed some of these.
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Boris and Arkady Strugatsky

Yes, I was just coming in to mention Roadside Picnic, which inspired Tarkovsky's Stalker.
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