Cinematic Renderings of Broadcast Television
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Once upon a time, movies were made that parodied broadcast television, advertisements and all. I knew there weren't many, but really, this was all I could find: The Groove Tube Tunnelvision Kentucky Fried Movie UHF Amazon Women on the Moon (Links are to YouTube trailers of variable quality)

They were all made in two short periods:
1975The Groove Tube
1977Kentucky Fried Movie
1987Amazon Women on the Moon
and being composed of short segments, are easily reconstructed from youtube-posted fragments for the careless-of-©. I still remember surprisingly large parts of these. The whole reminisce came from a chance reference to Brown-25.

There were some almost-totally-below-the-radar entries (in imdb) supposedly constructed similarly, but who knows?:
1972 (or maybe 1969) Dynamite Chicken
1975 The Boob Tube
1977 The Boob Tube Strikes Again

but that seems to be all of them. A big Mad no-prize for any sensible additions to the list.

The IMDB discussion of The Groove Tube showed an interesting generational divide--if you are a member of the 1-letter gens (X or Y) you will detest these films. Otherwise, I suppose you will detest genX or genY.
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Don't forget The Onion Movie (2008). I hope to see my no-prize in the earliest no-mail.
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True story: The first time I made it to third base was thanks to the the "You are anxious to see my operation! (lift shirt)" line.

Man, they just made movies and high school drama coaches different back then.
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Great post; I've never seen Groove Tube. Loved KFM and AWOTM.
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One of my all time favoritest movies of all time, the astonishingly prophetic, 70s-era masterpiece NETWORK, went way beyond simple parody of TV news media culture and into the realm of... well, y'all just make sure and try to see it, if you haven't yet. More and more. Brilliant. And the original trailer, 1976.

And thanks for these links, hexatron. This is a pile of movies I've heard of but I don't think I've seen a single one of 'em!
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Hmm..I own Kentucky Fried Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon and plan on buying UHF. I wonder what this says about me?

And, for the record, I think that Don "no soul" Simmons is the best character that David Allen Grier ever did. BB King's pledge drive commercial was totally awesome.
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The best (or worst) thing about Network is that it's still as valid today as the day it was made. *sigh*
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I still haul out the "Long Wang, Hung Well and Enormous Genitals" line on occasion. Loved all these movies.
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The Jewish daredevil in KFM is perhaps one of the most brilliant scenes in film, ever.
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I admit to being a shameless cheezehead and LOVING these, especially UHF (Weird Al! Gandhi II! Spatula City! Michael Richards before Seinfeld!)

Thank you for this post. Now I have to spend the evening reliving my high school years. (In the funeral scene in Amazon Women on the Moon, the funeral director is Robert Picardo before he was HoloDoc! Yeah!!!!)
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Sean, I still find many occasions to say ". . . but it would be WRONG."

There was a band in my law school town called Big Jim Slade, but I never did get to see them.

Today's best equivalent of these is probably the Onion News Network.
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Saxon Kane: I don't remember them ever mentioning the daredevil being jewish, but I agree with you. That and "fist full of yen".
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seanmpuckett--stop making a fool of yourself!
It's Long Wang, Big Dik, and Enormous Genitals.

I again ask--has anyone seen any of my also-rans? Are there others in this genre? Perhaps Bollywoodies?

Another prize for you-tube trawlers: search Firesign, and the incredibly busy Phil Proctor
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Don't forget The Running Man (trailer), which featured fake commercials interspersed throughout the film, and real-life sleazy game show host Richard Dawson as fictional sleazy game-show host Damon Killian.
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There's also Loose Shoes - which is presented as a series of movie trailers, but is still very much in line with the others mentioned in the post.
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Kentucky Fried Movie was the first R-rated movie I saw in the theatre (well, in those days that statement was redundant). It was heady and thrilling. I remember the shower scene and the "oil from teenagers faces" scene. I was impressionable.
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I'm pretty sure I was considered Gen X (born 1970), and I *love* Kentucky Fried Movie and UHF.

In fact, my college roommate and I had an annoying out going message on our answering machine that said we had gone out to "Spatula City (Spatula City)!"
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If you're going to post Running Man for the media satire content, you have to post Robocop, which has some great stuff. I can't find any clips of the actual media satire from the film, so instead of linking to the trailer, the link goes to Siskel and Ebert's video review.
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Today's best equivalent of these is probably the Onion News Network.
Countess Elena, I just happened upon the Onion News Network today (was a devotee of the website print version). I couldn't believe they put out this and this.

I applaud it, mind you. I think. Honestly, I'm the most cynical sarcastic bastard I know and I was cringing.
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Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job on Adult Swim does an excellent job parodying broadcast TV of days past ... with Weird Al in some segments, in fact.
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I remember watching "The Groove Tube" with my friend (on betamax!) in the early 80's and both of us falling around on the floor when we both realised at the exact same moment what the little puppet talking about venereal disease actually was.

I loved "The Groove Tube" and "Kentucky Fried Movie".
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I'm with Countess Elena "But that would be WRONG...." is a line I find myself using on occasion. The Kentucky Fried Movie may well be one of the best movies ever made. Not that Amazon Women on the Moon is anything to sneer at, but from the first moment you knew that KFM was just plain fucked up. "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in, film at 11"

And the bit at the end with the newscasters was just fantastic. "the strike there is what's happening in Japan.... with those Japanese...."
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(Could sworn it was "Long Wang, "Hung Lo" and "Enormous Genitals").
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RavinDave--well, as long as we know "Enormous Genitals" made you choke and sputter and wonder what that actor put on his resume...
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..and the no-prize goes to Onion Videos (Countess Elena & Turtles).

By the way, if you are wondering what the polar opposite of a chick magnet is, try an old guy reading the free printed Onion News in Bryant Park at lunchtime. The least eye contact = instant deer-in-the-headlights response.

(Note--a tabloid printed Onion News is distributed free in New York City & various other burgs)
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See you next Wednesday.
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See you next Wednesday.

They broke my watch!

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Can't forget about Brown 25. . . another fine product. . . from Uranus.
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the astonishingly prophetic, 70s-era masterpiece NETWORK

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone born since that movie was made could make out what the fuss was about in 1975. With the exception of the on-camera murder, every other outrage in that film has occurred, or even become a commonplace on what now passes for broadcast news.
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Network is, without a doubt, my favorite movie ever. My god, you have Chayefsky and Lumet at their finest, Fay Dunaway at her hottest, and some of the most prescient social commentary that has ever made it to film.

And so much great dialogue. So many great lines. So much great acting.

The boardroom scene still sends chills up my spine.
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BTW - Herodios - the on-camera murder really did happen, and was part of the inspiration for the movie.
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(oh wait, n/m, I know what you're talking about)
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Also Gen X, also a fan of these and other ZAZ productions and similar goofy stuff from that era, at least when I'm in the [really not that infrequent] right mood.
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So much to love in this thread...

Network is also my favorite movie of all time. Don't get me started on it's sheer unfiltered brilliance. We'll be here awhile.

So, let me just say that "Catholic School Girls in Trouble" from KFM is the true comedy highlight for me. The timing on every joke is perfect. Especially that pie on the horse's ass.
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I remember circa 1988 or so, Amazon Women on the Moon came on HBO one night, and some mystical alignment of the stars assured that a large percentage of my friends in high school were watching all at the same time. We started a phone call chain--"Turn on HBO now! It's the funniest fucking movie on! I'm gonna call [name] now!" (Yes, younguns, we had no internet and had to communicate by telephone). That movie was the talk of the school--at least amongt me and and my loser friends--for weeks.
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Does Stay Tuned count? If not, it still had John Ritter and Pam Dawber, and that alone deserves mention.. somewhere!
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I loved Stay Tuned.

Jeffrey Jones as Data? That's a big steaming mug of awesome.
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Only my husband would repeat this scene of KFM in front of others. One of them happened to be black and was at the end of the table. Of course, guess what part of the conversation he only heard?


My husband some hot shot....
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Ok, here's an obscure short-segment film for you: Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses ?

Supposedly featuring Robin Williams, I have a memory as perhaps a 13 or 14 year old seeing this in the theater with my dad. The only thing I remember was feeling incredibly uncomfortable during some skit based on a talking vagina that chewed gum. (I'm not actually sure I remember that accurately or if it was some horrible fever-dream).

The movie was made in the 70's and then re-released to capitalize on Robin Williams' Mork and Mindy fame and I'd be surprised if it didn't set some record for customers demanding their money back for misleading advertisements.

On almighty youtube there are a few sketches including this heey-larious one about a rapist!
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My husband some hot shot....

Ancient Chinese secret, huh?
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(oh wait, n/m, I know what you're talking about)
Right. An on-air suicide, not a murder. I remember it well. U-matic tapes circulated. . .

Back to the topic at hand. . . What about Americathon. Does Americathon count?
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My wife had an old taped-off-of-HBO copy of Groove Tube that she used to pull out of hiding and make people watch, just to see their reactions. It eventually disappeared - but she'd still like a copy on DVD, just to have it. I do remember it being pretty damn funny at times (and painful at others). Neither of us have ever seen the Kentucky Fried Movie. Perhaps now I'll have to make her watch that, just to make up for her inflicting me with Groove Tube.
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I came to mention Stay Tuned, and was beaten to it.

Still - Stay Tuned!
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Ah, Stay Tuned. Such an underrated film these days in an era of 1000 channels and nothing on. The best thing to come out of that movie is still this image.
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Do I get a no-prize for pointing out that it was Marvel, not Mad, that had them?
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The one thing those first three movies had in common was $10 lids of grass. Same goes for "Up in Smoke" and "Fritz the Cat."
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Smiley, your no-prise -- from Stan Lee himself -- is already in the mail.

BTW, my favourite no-prise was for the reader who pointed out the panel in which Reed Richards (falling and all stretched out) had been drawn with three hands and one foot! I wish I could remember which ish that was.
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"Bullshit... or Not?"

Consider, if you will, that Grindhouse (although it would never, ever be shown on broadcast TV) as also in this microgenre... "They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!"
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What about Mike Nesmith's Elephant Parts?
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I honestly and sincerely wish that they would make Machete...

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Oh, Elephant Parts! Bee Gee's Disease! I nearly peed myself at that.
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Heritage Loaf
You'll die. Maybe.
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Am I the only geezer around who remembers Putney Swope?
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