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With over 35,000,000 visitors a year, it could be argued that it is the busiest museum in the world. Yet most people are there to catch a plane.

The San Francisco International Airport is the first airport accredited by the American Association of Museums. It houses a permanent aviation exhibit, as well as dozens of rotating exhibits in various terminals, some of which are only available to screened passengers ( and for some reason, one has to dig through press releases to see photographs: Catalinaware, Victorian Majolica, Eight Centuries of Buddhist Imagery.) More pictures of the aviation museum from the Flickr site of the completely awesome Telstar Logistics. Another blog post on a past exhibit, The Engineering of Sound.
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Ohhh man, I want me some of them coooolio pilot pins!
(i'm getting likkered up and heading to e-Bay!...)
Nice find, oneirodynia!
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And to think I wasted time recently at MOMA....they had not one airplane model on display!
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I guess I'm really showing my geek feathers but when I saw this I immediately thought of the airport museum from Airline Tycoon. The Dutch dude in there has a steal on a used C-5A.
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I don't know about airplane models, but the MOMA does have this little work of art.
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Glad to see the exhibits at SFO are getting some serious approval. Every one I've seen has been interesting, attractive, and far better than it needs to be, given that people waiting around for flights would be grateful to look at just about anything. It's definitely one of the more pleasant airports to kill time in, thanks to these exhibits.
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your link is hinky.
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Trying that MOMA work of art again.
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