El Gato Unicornio!
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As a child, illustrator Rafa Toro adored the creepy Monstruos Diabolicos sticker collection. As an adult, he's giving the whole set a fresh look. [Via]
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Both sets are great.
posted by ColdChef at 11:12 AM on June 15, 2008

I enjoyed the diabolic lama most of all, I think. Although the unicorn cat did show great possibility.

I wouldn't mind seeing a bunch of these show up on El Tigre, no, I wouldn't mind it one bit.
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I like the vampiric Darth Vader a lot. And like...is that the Hulk? Without any attempt to disguise the fact that it's the Hulk? Wow.

PS: Um...I understand how having to fill dozens of cards with pictures of random monsters might lead one to create the evil...cat...unicorn...but I am a little surprised to find that it was apparently the first monster on the list.
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Loved these!
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I love the blatant rip-offs of some of the monsters.
And not even archetypal monsters like dracula and frankenstein, ones like the hulk and E.T. and King Kong. Aren't these things trademarked?
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Wow, these are pretty fantastic. It certainly hadn't occurred to me before how many surfaces in my room were practically crying out to be emblazoned with Spanish monsters.

This makes me wonder what Senor Hyde would look like.
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Great cards. That Frankenstein's monster sure looks like the Lugosi version as opposed to the Karloff.
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Um, the old cards, that is -- not the new ones. I love the new ones... they look like character designs for that Cartoon Network show about the imaginary creatures.
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