What's black and white and was heard all over?
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In the 1930-40s there was an interracial, all woman swing band, the International Sweethearts of Rhythm. They are not exactly forgotten. There is a book, a movie, a black history month public radio special and a tribute album devoted to them. Ladies and gentleman: the International Sweethearts of Rhythm (YouTube). More audio files here. Photo 1, 2

The band came to my attention when listening to this Terry Gross interview of Catherine Russel (site auto-loads music), a great jazz singer, who is the daughter of Sweetheart Carline Ray.
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What a cool story! The interview with saxophonist Rosalind Cron (at the bottom of the page in the "public radio special" link) is great.
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I love swing music, that was great thanks.

How cool is their band leader?
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these are some hip, hip ladies.
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Fabulous links, many thanks shothotbot!
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I first came across this group when I went looking for information about The Rhythm Sweethearts (a Canadian all-female country band).
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Hey, wait a minute, isn't that Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis on bass and sax?!
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Great post, shothotbot, thanks. Here's a thread about them on All About Jazz.
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