Introducing to MetaFilter: Reg Mellor, one of my all-time heroes.
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The King of the Ferret Leggers Reg Mellor has been a hero of mine ever since I first heard of him, maybe ten years ago. A total whack-job, it's true; a hero nonetheless. I've been a member here for a while and hadn't posted anything, thought of Reg, searched and found nothing posted here about him; I'm hoping some of the rest of you will enjoy reading about him as much as I have.
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Ferret-legging never really recovered from the betting scandals and crowd violence that blighted the 82-83 season IMO, plus the EFLA's introduction of the ban on Plus-fours. There may be some hope though, as I understand Richard Gere is looking to introduce the sport to America, though I perhaps misheard that report.
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I'm surprised there's no clips of Reg on YouTube, because they used to show him on TV quite often. However, to give some idea what he faced, here's a clip of Richard Whiteley interviewing a ferret.
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Great resource -- thanx for posting.
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Wow, as old as the internet itself. Katz's book is pretty good, though none of the rest of the stories quite measure up to Reg's. Reg would be, what, 93 today? Assuming he's still with us?
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I remember seeing people doing this on the television when I was kid, novelty acts on variety shows... including Sylvester 'Dr Who' McCoy. They should bring it back.
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"little is known of the diseases carried by the ferret because veterinarians are afraid to touch them."

That's magic
posted by milkwood at 3:50 AM on June 18, 2008 sister's boyfriend had a ferret that was sweeter and more domestic than the cat it played with. I guess these are the wild variety.
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Mr. Graham Wellstead, the head of the British Ferret and Ferreting Society, says that little is known of the diseases carried by the ferret because veterinarians are afraid to touch them.

ok. I know it's hyperbole. still, great article.
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damn, milkwood beat me to the punch!
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Wait! Wait! Hold everything!

Ferret legging is real?!
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I can't help but picture the guy as some kind of cross between Groundskeeper Willie and G.G. Allin.
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This sounds similar to the central Tennessee sport of mock mule stumping where a man stands on a stump (thus "stumping") and simulates (thus "mock") copulation with one of the large hybrid pack animals.
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You must be sober, and the ferrets must be hungry.

This is useless without a YouTube link and a ferret or two nearby for "try it at home" purposes.

"You just got be able ta have your tool bitten and not care."

I'd hit it.
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My mother was a ferret legger!

As a teen growing up in Manitoba, she said once a ferret ran up one of her pant legs and down the other. Said she was very worried because it was "her time" and thought it might go nuts at the smell of blood. Whole thing probably lasted five seconds.

Don't know if it was a pet or what. This would have been in the early 1930's just outside Winnipeg.
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The reining champion of fish-legging used to loiter around these parts...
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timsteil, isn't that anecdote the entire plot of the new Guy Maddin film?
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OK, I LOL'd. May I just point out that just about everything he says about ferrets is wrong? I'm going to post this URL to my local ferret shelter's bboard at Rocky's Rescue. This ought to go over well.
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This is Pinky, he's a very loving cat.
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Pikny! Ah, cat-legging...and handing...and groining...
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Anyone else immediately think of the SNL sketch where Michael Palin put seafood salad and a cat in his trousers?
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P.S. Couldn't find a viddy, but here's a transcript.
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Ferrets... I hate ferrets. A female roomate I had for a while owned a ferret. The little fucker could squeeze itself as flat as a piece of paper. It regularly crawled under my bedroom door -- that's right, under it -- and shit on my bed. Once it crawled up my pant leg while I was watching TV and I could not get it out. Plus they smell.

I hate ferrets. I would rather have Pinky the very loving cat clawing my nads than to be in the same room as a ferret.
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I ferret legged once. But it wasn't on purpose; I was talking to my sister as her pet ran around the room doing what ferrets do, when it espied my ankle. Within a blink of an eye it was under my pants and going up my leg.

Fortunately, I had handled it enough to know that it wasn't dangerous or trying to hurt me or whatever, because that ensured that my screams were manly manifestations of my surprise and not at all like-a-terrified-little-girl shrieking.

Despite what my sister may say.
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I Can't Stand My Filthy Hippie Owner

by Thunder the Ferret
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Ferrets aren't just for trousers, You can race them, pageant them or use them as a fashion accessory.

Just keep them away from me!
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