Learn the game that adults play in private--and use it against them!
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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! A "board game" where you gather a gang of girls in the roaring 20s and taunt, fib, & flirt your way to high school domination!

Gamasutra interview with creator. PlayThisThing! review.

(Used to be just a demo. I'd thought that they were going to monetize it, but it looks like the full version on there...maybe it makes you register later on..? Not done replaying to where the demo cut off yet.) Mac & PC versions available.

Besides, how could you not love a game with a title like Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble? They're high school girls. They're dangerous. And in trouble.
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Also known as "Oregon Trail IV: Quest for the Moonshine".
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I downloaded a film of this name from bit torrent not two hours ago. Serendipity.
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It is a demo -- you get halfway through act 1, just enough to get interested in whats going on, then it stops and asks you for $20...
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Ah well, that's kind of sneaky saying "full version" on the download link and not having any pricing info on their website, but I guess I like it enough that I'll shell out the $20.
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From the Indie RPG community: Paul Czege's Nicotine Girls. The Pen and Paper game of teenage, lower-income girls looking for happiness.
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Not Catholic High School Girls in Trouble?

It's like that, however not quite as Brutal, Savage, or Beyond Perversion.
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Eh? Was I hallucinating/blind or was the pricing information not on their site before? Well, it is now, anyways.
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No, I looked everywhere on the site soon after you posted this. There was no price.
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Ugh. What a depressing game.
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