Blue Yodel #1 (aka T For Texas)
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Jimmy Rodgers' blue yodel series started in 1927. He started with Blue Yodel #1 (T for Texas). My favorite covers were by the Everly Brothers and by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. There's even a hip hop cover.
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hahaha. thanks for that hip hop link, russhy. i never would have recognized it as jimmy rogers otherwise. while there are some great songs on the tribute album, maybe they should have included something like that.
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Also of note, Blue Yodel #8, the Muleskinner Blues
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Love me some Jimmie Rodgers (dunno who that Jimmy cat is though), but people shouldn't be so surprised about the hip-hop version. Even S to the N to the double-O P is doing some country these days.
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Here's mine.
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The hip hop cover made my ears bleed and sent me into a blind rage. If it was a cover even half worth a shit, it would have been acceptable; but that song is complete and utter aural garbage. It's not even amusing in a novelty sense either. Jimmie Rodgers is rolling around in his grave right now.
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Yeah, who the heck is "Jimmy" Rodgers?

At least you got the "g" in his last name right.

Pretty lame post if it's meant to introduce people to the father of country music. Have a look at Nolan Porterfield's comprehensive biography to get a sense of how much more there is to say.
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If it was a cover even half worth a shit

To be honest though, none of the covers are half worth a shit. Even the best of them is pretty damn lame when measured against the original.

So how is it that the Singing Brakeman only ranks number 33 in the 40 Greatest Men in Country? Does he *really* only beat The Eagles by one place?
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Then there's Slim Cessna's Goddamn Blue Yodel #7
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It normally takes more than one rappin' white guy to make up a "click".

But yeah, that shit makes Denny Blazin Hazen sound like Rakim.
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The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers - A Tribute

Various Artists

Initial release : 1997
Egyptian/Columbia 485189 2

A tribute album that includes one song performed by Garcia, David Grisman and John Kahn. This track was Garcia's last recording session. Also includes a track by Bob Dylan.
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