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What, no salad days?
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As long as no one mentions Match Point. Damn, what a shit movie.
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Chalk Dust
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Internet Tennis
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Can this post be selected out of the breeding population? Best of the web indeed.
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Ah interesting post. The folks running Wimbledon have an interesting approach to raising money.

Tickets are, of course, sold to the public via "approved channels", however the real way the money is raised is by the sale of what's called "debentures". A new series of debentures is sold every five years.

Each debenture grants the holder to a reserved seat for a period that differs upon the type of instrument held - Centre Court or No. 1 Court.

Centre Court debentures guarantee the holder one seat per debenture per day of each Championships.

No. 1 Court debentures entitle the holder to a reserved seat in No. 1 Court for the first 10 days of The Championships.

The current Centre Court issue covers the period 2006-2010, and went on sale April 27th 2004. Each debenture was priced at £23,150, structured as a nominal value of £2,000, a premium of £18,000 and, finally the transaction attracted a VAT of £3,150.

The current No. 1 Court debentures covering the 2007-2011 period was announced on March 3rd, 2006. Each debenture priced was at £12,250 each, structured as a nominal value £500, a premium £10,000 and this transaction also attracted VAT of £1,750.

There is an approved secondary market for debentures, should you acquire the instrument and later wish to sell. The official Centre Court Debenture is market is known as the ‘White Market’, and isn't really open to the public. Instead, the debentures are sold back to the the tennis club who then will sell then on to existing debenture holders who wish to acquire additional tickets.

In spite of this, an active - and frowned upon - black underground market for tickets exists. They are still trying to control the sale of tickets, and apparently threaten to cancel the debentures of folks who sell tickets on to the general public by "unrecognised" channels e.g., authorised agents.

You can get a quote for debentures in the print edition of the Financial Times once a month - the first Saturday only - under the ticker "The Ground Company".

The original series of debentures, issued in 1920, covered a period of 26 years (the period from 1922 to 1947). In 1948 they reduced the term to eleven years, and then from 1960 the effective period of a debenture - the number of tickets purchased - has been five years. In other words, every five years they will sell debentures to raise money.

Yes, I have been considering purchasing Wimbledon debentures (tickets) for some time now, but in anything related to money I move very, very slowly.
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The game doesn't work on an Intel Mac. :(

From the site: Adobe have released a UB version of the Shockwave 11 player for both Mac PPC and Mac Intel. Some games use Xtras, which are basically plug-ins that extend the capabilities of the Shockwave player. Various 3rd party Xtras have yet to be ported over to work on Mac Intel machines. As these Xtras become available we put them on the site so that you can install and play the effected games.
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The game doesn't work on an Intel Mac. :(

Well, it will if you have Windows installed.
FWIW, it doesn't work on my PPC Mac, either.
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Sigh. Sveskemus I guess we'll just have to get some work done. :(
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Also, Top Spin 3 it's the best tennis simulation ever done, but be prepared to fall from the learning curve.
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The folks running Wimbledon have an interesting approach to raising money.

That comment was rather more interesting than the actual post. Thanks, Mutant.
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Tennis, anyone? Except you Mac users, of course.
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See, Mutant always returns my serves. Bloody Mac users.
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