Charles Bird King's Portraits of Native Americans
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"It's somewhat fitting that a man named Charles Bird King--a name both eminently European yet vaguely Amerindian--would depict the natives of the American East (Creek, Crow, Seminole, Cherokee, Choctaw, Iowa, Fox, Winnebago, etc) at a time when there was a semblance of parity (parody of parity?) between the Old and New Worlds. This was expressed in the dress of natives as well as many whites who lived among them: European brass gorgets and artfully knotted cravats around the neck of a men with painted faces and feathers in their hair. The synthesis is breathtaking: both fierce and fey. It's a damn pity the European influence eventually crushed the Native--this could very well have become our national mode of dress." Lord Whimsy.
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Yankee doodle came to town a riding on a pony
Stuck a feather in his cap and called it maccaroni
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Is this the same Lord Whimsy that used to write for the Philadelphia Independent?
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I believe it is Mister_A, although I am only familiar with his (excellent) Live Journal. A lot of things he posts there are Philly-centric.
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this could very well have become our national mode of dress.

Adam Ant would agree.
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Oops, meant to add the wiki.
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These guys looked totally cool.
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I would think someone named Charles Bird King would be a totally awesome jazz musician.
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Wow, I guess medallion/cameo pendants were really popular around then, huh.

[this, as they say, is good]
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