Cooking with Masao
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Sharing means caring, right? Well, Masao would like to share with you his techniques for cooking Torta di ceci which is a type of Italian cake. If beverages are your thing, perhaps you'd like a nice glass of Sambuca exotic fruit punch, some peach juice, or something he calls his "Super Energy Raisin Juice". More of a hot dog or sausage person? Well then, our buddy Masao has got that covered for you!

In all fairness, these video clips might ruin your appetite so be aware of that in advance.
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Eh, it's not that bad. He may have a bunch of clutter lying about, but I don't see rotting food, flies and cat shit everywhere.
posted by MaryDellamorte at 4:58 PM on June 25, 2008

Gotta be fake. No one who actually lives in a house that filthy would bother to foil-wrap his burners. Good Lord, I hope it's fake. I've got the shudders over here.
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I'm fairly certain the Bread/Whole Bell Pepper/Raisin/Coffee/Milk/Maple Syrup Energy Drink is tongue-in-cheek.

At first, with the weirdly cluttered floor, I thought this was the project of perhaps some tweeker on youtube. Sincere Outsider Art! Nope, more of a regular old overcaffeinated stoner like the rest of them. Reminds me of truth or dare in 8th grade.
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It's not filthy; as far as I can tell, Mary's totally right. It's just full of clutter, not disease or nothin'. I've seen worse, this dude's all right in my book.
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There should been some critters crawling about. If it were really that filthy. Still gross tho.
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(I'm already feeling defensive for the guy, I think; who among us hasn't gone through a particularly bad breakup, lost a bit of time to self-pity, then woken a few weeks later to find dishes in our bathroom sink and a yen for peaches and hot dogs?)
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Who wants cheese on their Aspergers?!

This may be the only Youtube video that has caused me to howl "No! Noooo!" aloud, as he wandered blithely into the bathroom and leaned into the toilet and sink area.

As much as anything, it's the panting, mouthbreathing sound of his voice behind the camera that's unappetizing, although that may just be from a cheap mike. As it is, it's as if you can actually hear his bad breath.
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I'm also seconding "fake." It takes time for that amount of clutter to build up (I know, I've been there and it's been a lot worse than the videos). In that window of time, scum and dirt would have built up on the counters, the stove top, the toilet, and on the sink...none of which you see in the video. Beneath all of the clutter, it all looks clean.
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From the peach juice link: at the beginning you'll see the paperback Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer.

Don't think about that for a moment. Consider this instead: when the video begins there wasn't a peach sitting on top of the book. However, after the camera pans away and then back, there's a peach on the book.

What self-respecting film maker would allow such a continuity error to happen?

And watching that peach (pit and all) get destroyed was affected by my thoughts of the book on which it had been sitting moments before. It was a pretty bad metaphor.

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I doubt it's fake, they guy's probably obsessive compulsive or a pack rat. And I'd much rather live in that house than a heroin addict's.
Still kind of depressing, though.
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I'm drinking tonight (let's say I'm mourning Carlin's passing), so when I saw this in my RSS reader, I thought, "oh, cool, some chef with some interesting drink recipes? I could use a new poison!" Then I clicked through, and it all went to hell . . .

Not that I have any Sambuca, or would I ever throw my money away on such crap. (Don Julio 1942, on the other hand . . . but no self-respecting drunk would mix that with anything.)

Still, damn entertaining. Or maybe that's the buzz talking . . .

Sorry, what was the point of this comment again? Carry on, folks.
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This may be the only Youtube video that has caused me to howl "No! Noooo!" aloud....

This is *exactly* what I did and at *exactly* the same moment, too. The moment I saw him reach for the toilet paper I was done.
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Awesome. That is all.
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He lost me when he warned us to get extra toilet paper because the sambuca drink might cause diarrhea. That, along with the counter full of crud (not to mention the shitty camera work) makes a boatload of FAIL(!) for me.
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Heck, I've been eating fermented whale blubber and blood every night for the last week.

Bring it on.
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Yeah, I have to say, I watched both of his torta di caci clips, and I couldn't figure out how or why, given how messy the rest of the place was, he'd managed to get the blender and the roasting pan so scrupulously clean?

I never knew italians ate a shitty version of Yorkshire Pudding though.
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This is absolutely brilliant.
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I gave up after I looked at an 8 minute timer for the hot dog video, fast forwarded to halfway through and he was just barely throwing the hot dog in a pan.

Geez, get to the point, I'm starving here.
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This is just plain awesome. When he just keeps pouring more oil into the bottom of the pan in the first attempt at Torta di Ceci I was cracking up. But then when he had to go into the bathroom to get water I nearly fell off my chair.
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I'm more of a Torta Barozzi fan, myself.
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fake or real I love this guy.
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I'm also seconding "fake." It takes time for that amount of clutter to build up

Not always, you can be cluttered without being filthy. I have known people like this, and you wouldn't see the actual grime on a low quality youtube video, but you would smell it when you walked into the house.

Actually - the guys I knew were sharing a house, it was the sort of situation where you would stir your coffee with a pencil because all the spoons were in a sink of foul water.

One day I turned up at their house and the kitchen was tidy! `Holy crap, you cleaned up!' I said.

`Not really' said my friend. `Go look in the bath'. Yep, all the crockery and other foul contents of the sink had been moved into the bathtub. Ugh.

Heh, I loved in the video when he cleaned the plate by tipping the contents into the toilet, lightly rinsing it under a tap and gently scrubbing it, then wiping it dry with his t-shirt.
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