War-porn clearinghouse
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Real Military Flix. Documentaries, combat clips, full-length movies. For all your warporn needs. Iraq/Afghanistan firefights. The Great War etc..
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I dig sites like this. But if there was any Arabic stuff on it, all the righties would start howling about classified and propaganda and whatnot.
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I like the one where the two hot female sergeants are trapped in the bunker with their single male private, and they all strip down and order him to...

Oh wait, totally different kind of warporn. Nevermind.

[The narration in this one is fantastic: "No it's no gag, It's as serious as... death"]
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Does this flight fight come with a BJ Hummer?
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This two part film from 1966 introduces the M16 rifle and has a lot of detailed cutaways and neat animations of the barrel and action, with explanations of how everything works. If you ever wondered how a gas operated rifle works, it's a good tutorial.

On a completely unrelated note I find it a little interesting that all their videos are hosted by AWS.
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Sucked me in.
I love this kind of stuff.
Probably related to my birthyear of 1948.
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I don't agree that this is "warporn" at all... it seems to me a fantastic historical resource for contemporary film of various kinds relating to war... thanks for posting.
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