Two great tastes that taste weird together
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Hey! You got your Office in my Battlestar! You got your Battlestar in my Office! Wait a minute...
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Two great tastes that taste great together...?, wait. *watchwatchwatch* This tastes like crap! UGH, wipe that shit off my candybar, pronto! And pick up those crates while you're at it.
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the first one is the keeper.
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Those are all pretty damn funny. I really needed this tonight - thank you!
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Yeah, I liked that first one. I think I might like something like "Arrested Galactica:"

Now the story of twelve wealthy colonies that had everything, and the one fleet that had no choice but to keep them all together.
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Sorry, lost everything. FAIL
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At times, I've felt different... alone... like I'm the only person out there who thinks the Office was best left alone as a limited run BBC series. Like Hollywood decided that audiences just couldn't handle hanging, awkward, silent moments as comedy.

Now I realize that these feelings result from the fact that I am a human being; anyone who can tolerate the American version of the Office must be a Cylon programmed to skew ratings and generally mess with Nielsen ratings.

Frakking toasters. Is nothing sacred?!? Not even British comedy?!?
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Dwight kind of makes sense as the last cylon. Actually, they all make sense as the last cylon.
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Thanks for that - made my morning!
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When I saw the BSG/ Star Trek DS9 opening mashup I considered making a FPP, but thought it would be a little weak as a SLYT post. But here... it seems perfect.
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