Wish You Were Here
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Drive-through trees, Olvera Street, Knott's Berry Farm, and lots of other images and postcards of California at Image Archaeology.
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The Bernheimer was a nice read, plus all the Spanish Revival stars' homes.
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Wish They Were Still There.
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Loved seeing the pictures of people driving horse-drawn-carriages through the trees. Nice reminder that people were pretty much the same in the past as they are today.
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Wish They Were Still There

Umm ... the Wawona tree fell over due to natural causes; Olvera Street and Knott's Berry Farm are still doing quite well.
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I was hoping against hope that there were images from Santa's Village in there, and lo and behold, the last link was just that. Thank you for posting this!

I remember seeing the rotting remains of Santa's Village in Scott's Valley driving north over highway 17 when I was a child. The exit is still named Santa's Village Road, even though the place was razed long before I was old enough to facilitate sneaking into the place myself.
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