Birth of the National Health Service - How the state of the nation's health became a political ideal
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The NHS at 60. The National Health Service is 60 on July 5th. Take a look at documents, audio and video related to the birth and growth of this "radical plan."
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Carry on, Doctors.
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Thanks for this.
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Your request to view video is in a queue...
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I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the American people for paying for this.

Thanks guys. It was the best present ever.
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Interesting to see how far back the 'NHS in crisis' meme goes:

Is the health service on the brink of collapse? (1965)

James Burke asks how long the NHS can continue without breaking down completely. (1968)

More NHS-related stuff on the National Archives website, including a page on the Beveridge Report and the welfare state, and a Central Office of Information film from 1948, Your Very Good Health, in which 'Charley has the workings of the National Health Service explained to him'.
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