Waxing and Waning
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The New York Moon is an internet-based publication adhered to the lunar phases. It is a collection of experimental, reflective, and imaginative projects produced with every other month’s full moon. In the current issue visit the 6th Borough interactive map to discover imaginary precincts, find ephemeral street sculptures on The Trash Map, browse sketches of the moments in between Waiting, or redesign your neighborhood in Blueprints.

The present issue also visits Rwanda and Phoenix. Five previous editions have explored the language translating that occurs in the melting pot, underground New York, what to expect in the next century, a 4d investigation of time and space, and the art of irrelevant generation. The creator is a long-time MeFi member, although he has never posted.
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Hey, thanks, netbros, at first glances, I like the look and feel of this. Bookmarked, for sure.

And wow, that's a veritable plethora of zeros on creator stevenhasty's profile... maybe he'll chime in on this thread to say thanks, or howdy, or something, for his very firstest MeFi comment ever!
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"The creator is a long-time MeFi member, although he has never posted."

Then is he really a member? I thought member connoted some sort of belonging and contribution to the community. He's a guy who signed up and never used his account.
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This is fascinating stuff - the unusual, a truly interesting and unpredictable web magazine project. Well conceived and fun. THanks!
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The 4D Document project in the August edition is particularly cool. It actually is a not-bad model for the study of place, though it's a quickie treatment. The idea of thoroughly evoking a place through audio, video,interview, sketching, natural history inventory, use patterns, etc and then presenting it in integrated format is pretty great.

The only thing: this works best when it's un-self-conscious. In a lot of web-based art projects/stunts of the last five years or so, you walk away feeling mostly the narcissism of the creators, who insert themselves alongside their subjects as characters, leaving the viewer feeling that the project really is about nothing so much as themselves. This mostly avoids that and turns attention outward - it was so refreshing, to the degree that when I finally caught sight of the team in photos I was disappointed that I had to know what they look like. In some way I would have preferred to imagine them as mysterious editorial forces, and avoid the moment where the reflex of "oh - twentysomething hipsters" kicked in.
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The Moon is the name of the paper at the college I went to. that is all.
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Very nice. Bookmarked. Thanks, netbros!
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Howdy! and thanks for the kudos. Keep an eye out for our "Desert" issue illuminating in July.
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