"All he ever talked about was building that vestibule for his maw"
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Low Plains Drifter is an award-winning short film featuring artistically photographed 8" custom and kitbashed action figures in painstakingly crafted scale sets. It's the first of a series of Wee Westerns, the latest project from Jason DeWitt, a man who believes very strongly that toys are for playing.
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I think the beer steins in the saloon were made from cartridge cases of handgun rounds. I don't recognize the brand of "action figure" he used, but then again the last time I played with them was about 35 years ago...

I had a "Tom Maddox" doll, er, action figure, but I used it for an entirely different purpose.
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Last time I shot a man, I was wearin' bell bottoms. His name was Nimlos. He had no idea what the fuck a vestibule was, so I had to kill him. I've stayed off the acetone ever since.
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that was good, I think.
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