Journey's of Franz K
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The Travels of Franz Kafka, a website that chronicles the many places and social interactions of Franz. A photographic journal collection of his life as he traveled. For your enjoyment, today being the 125th Anniversary of Franz Kafka's birthday. Cheers.
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I was all excited about this, being a fan of both Kafka and travel chronicles, but damn if I can figure out how the site works. You click on a place (once the map loads) and get a b&w photo. Any way to find out what you're looking at?
posted by languagehat at 7:11 PM on July 3, 2008

Maybe the apparent non-functionality of this web site is a Kafkaesque joke?
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Oh, I get it. You click on a country and then you click on a labeled city. These are wonderful photos.
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It took me a bit to get used to it, but you can figure it out eventually, just keep clicking. Cheers.
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Really very beautiful photographs, but in light of Zadie Smith's article in the current New York Review of Books, perhaps they are burdened, too, by the Kafkaesque?
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My favorite diary entry by Kafka, on the day WWI started:

"Today Germany declared war on Russia. Had a swimming lesson this afternoon."

Thanks for the link--very interesting.
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I enjoyed the stories of Kafka's two visits to Cicely, Alaska on Northern Exposure. Do they count?
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Oh my God, thanks for that Avenger. That had me cracking up.
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Thanks. Bookmarked for later. New book out, by the way: Kafka Comes to America.
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