There She Is, Step 3: Doki and Nabi
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We've seen the first two episodes. First they met, then they celebrated her birthday together. Now it's time for step 3: Doki (the rabbit) and Nabi (the cat) have their first date.

I couldn't seem to link to the cartoon directly, but the link provided should go to their page containing the 3 current episodes (out of a total of 5).
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Gasp! I'm torn whether to comment in excitement or watch it and then comment...excitement first I guess! I loved the first two...
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Oh man, I've hated "to be continued" since I was a little kid...but in this case I'll just have to deal. Good stuff--it's so long between episodes I would have totally missed it if you hadn't posted, so thanks.
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나의 열의는 한국어 언어를 위해 이해의 나의 완전한 부족에 의해서만 부드럽게 한다.
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wait... that might not have come out right...
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Well, your enthusiam will carry you.
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Ah yes, flash is good for something besides annoying introductions and website interfaces.

This is really well done.
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Oh my god yes! I'd given up on any sort of new installment! Time to watch!

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I... um. This is... hmm.

Well, I dig the music, and I've seen weirder things from the Japanese.
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Has it really been three years?
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He... he got chased by a rhino. And a frilled lizard.


And a rhino again in the third one.

Music continues to be awesome though, and I've still seen stranger things come out of Japan, so I'm down.
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Well, I dig the music, and I've seen weirder things from the Japanese.

Uh, but amalloc is Korean, and the text is in English and Korean. >_<
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I love it. Way too cute.

I saw the first one when it was released and really liked it. The second one dissapointed me a little, it wasn't the 'same'. However, this one takes the concept and makes it even better.
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Wonderful, sets me up for the working day.

And let's not forget that you can send them a donation as thanks :)
posted by fallingbadgers at 11:02 PM on July 3, 2008 is a slightly more direct link to the third chapter.
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Excellent! I remember seeing the first one, and now suddenly I get to watch two more episodes. Yay!
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This one and the second one made me cry. And things don't usually make me cry.
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navelgrazer: babblefish much?

English into Korean into English: My passion for the Korean language is understanding will only become soft when my complete lacking.

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Doki and Nabi! Yay!
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This is moving and amazing and fantastic and kind and cute and wonderful in some many ways. I'm with jinjo, I'm not a teary guy, but this did the trick!

Thank you so much for this!
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