Personal photos from the Pacific (WWII)
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According to the photographer's daughter, "All photos in this collection were taken by then Lt. and later Capt. George S. White, my Father, while he was serving in the Pacific as a pilot. They are generally between 1945 and 1948 from what is documented." My favorites? The barmaid or postwar Tokyo or wrecked planes and airplane graveyards.
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Oh yeah, a link directly to the collection
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Nice stems!
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Great stuff, zzazazz, thanks.
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That barmaid looks straight out of central casting.
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These are amazing pictures!
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Damn amazing. The airplane graveyards are striking.
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The barmaid was everyone's favorite. And by that I mean go get yourself checked out sailor!
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Great post.
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My grandfather took a couple of pics while he was stationed in the Philippines around that time.

My favorite pic of his was taken right before he shipped out, however.
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