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One World Journeys produces exciting and educational photo-documentary expeditions that connect online viewers to unique wilderness areas around the world. Travel to the remote mountain forests of the former Soviet Georgia, track jaguars in Mexico, dive on pristine coral reefs, swim with wild salmon and wildlife of British Columbia and step into the heat of the Sonoran Desert.
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Some of the sections of the site seem to be unfinished, like the workshops for instance, but there are also a number of member contributed journeys.
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I'm glad this got posted, it's an interesting project I couldn't make into an FPP as I know the people who put this together both personally and as colleagues (that said, I wasn't involved in OWJ at all and am not an employee or principal).

(Aside: It's stuff like this I loved about "web 1.0." I designed and built quite a number of sites like this from the early mid-90's to about 2000--non-commercial work in support of an adventure or documentary film, typically. The work I do today is more technically challenging, but often the content [you know, the stuff end users actually care about] of the sites I work on isn't as compelling. It was an exciting time to do what I do.)
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