He won't be back in two and two.
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Eric Lieber, producer of the groundbreaking Dick Cavett and Mike Douglas talk shows as well as the creator of (my own beloved guilty pleasure) Love Connection, has passed away of leukemia at age 71.

From this site:

Lieber, called a boy genius by several who worked with him as a young graphic artist in the late 1950s and early '60s, also produced talk shows for Mike Douglas, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dick Cavett. He also supervised three Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons...

...Eventually, after shifting (from working on the highly controversial game show Dotto) to talk shows and several network specials, Lieber created his signature show in 1983. After some token interest was forged by NBC for a pending afternoon slot, Lieber opted for syndication for Love Connection, a variation on The Dating Game. The game had a double twist. A single male or female who had already been on a date with one of three hopefuls would come on to discuss the outing. The byplay, which often took on loud overtones, provided the entertainment. The other twist had a contestant allowing the studio audience to select his or her date from three singles shown in brief videotape vignettes.
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Aw, nuts.

posted by batmonkey at 11:45 AM on July 7, 2008

He won't be back in two minutes and two seconds.

Love Connection was a guilty pleasure for me as well.

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"Love Connection" was made sadly obsolete by the "camera tags along" dating shows, and we are all the poorer for that.

Chuck Woolery, however, is probably immortal, for better or not.
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Wow, he survived the quiz show scandals AND Chuck Woolery!
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Personally, I'm thinking no dating show can surpass the sheer guilty entertainment value of Love Connection. The 80s clothes... the pink and purple hearts... Chuck Woolery... the contestants being so oblivious to the camera that they would blurt out whatever stupid thing or personal detail came to mind... it's just a time capsule of 1980s goodness.

Especially this guy.
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