The Fallacy of Examples
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Interesting. It reminds me of the cognitive errors we make that Taleb points out in The Black Swan.
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I think the name of that fallacy is "misleading vividness".
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An editor of the Economist in the 1950s is alleged to have said that the key to journalism was 'get the facts, simplify, then exaggerate'.

It seems things change little.
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This is sort of the same effect seen in narrative fiction. Sure, incredible things happen to our hero, but if they didn't, we wouldn't be reading the story. All usual caveats about not trying this at home apply.
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Interesting. As a professional fundraiser, this is something I do every day. I love those moments when a single individual has an extraordinary experience at my agency-- because that is the story that goes in the fund appeal, and that is the individual I introduce to my major donors. The second link points out that people take in information better when it's a a story. It's those exceptional stories that make the best narratives for my agency's fundraising needs.

This use of story is so basic to fundraising that I never really thought about the spectrum of stories in any agency, and have never questioned the use of the one most compelling story, rather than the many more typical ones. Fundraisers are always looking for that one person whose life was transformed, rather than the many whose lives are simply better. But OP you've given me some real food for thought-- can I write a compelling story about the average, rather than the exceptional?

I am surely going to try. Thank you for starting my day like this. I am inspired. Truly best of the web.
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