Southern College Accepts Dwarves
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SCAD Shorts, playful videos that stretch the imagination are from The Dandy Dwarves, an eclectic group of students who formed a video production company while attending Savannah College of Art Design. Each month the dwarves will release a brand new video short like the recent Scribe Conjures Alternate Dimension. It’s up to us to create fitting, descriptive, and creative S-C-A-D titles for each new video.
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go bees!
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Mr Pearlybob was a video production major at SCAD back in the early 90's. The program was state of the art back then and the things they are doing now is just amazing. Such a great school and learning environment for the arts. I've been keeping an eye on this site for a while. Always find great stuff on there. Glad you posted it netbros!!

Go Bees!!
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I ran into Pencil Face about a couple of weeks ago. So this is who made it.... And it's not just a one time, one-off sort of thing; there's others. Terrific! Thanks!
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