Cosmin Bumbuţ
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Cosmin Bumbuţ, Romanian photographer. [nsfw]

His fantastic photographs of the mines at Rosia Montana are a good place to start. Another site with some additional work (and poorer navigation.) here. Short bio here.
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Possible NSFW on that first link? I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't appreciate mostly naked women on my screen, even in the interest of artistic photography.

Also, the woman in the "I hate perverse women" tattoo is making no effort to hide her breastices. Neither is the man sporting the tattoo, for that matter. But maybe those are backstices? Hmm.

Regardless, I think an NSFW would have been appropriate.

Still, some very cool pics here.
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Sorry about that, he updated his site with that image just after I posted the link here. I contacted a mod to add a warning.
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Not a problem at all, just thought I'd point it out. Mostly because I'm at work and it made me a little nervous when I clicked on it. :-)

I love this picture.
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Great photos, tragic name.


Finneus J. Assbottom
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Think you for posting this. Bumbuț is a great photographer and does a fine job of capturing the strange confluence of beauty, ugliness and magic of Romania, often in a single shot. And pronounced correctly, there is nothing tragic about his name.
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