Mexicans sue for U.S. farm work reparations from WWII
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Mexicans sue for U.S. farm work reparations from WWII Another group suing for reparations. This time, Mexicans who worked as farm help during World War II....a just claim or hopping on reparations bandwagon?
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Usual NYT register-free link (replace "www" with "channel" - nifty trick I just learned here at MeFi.)
To me, although this sounds like it may not have been completley fair, using the term reparations (not just you but the NYT) seems not quite right. Although we can define reparations as repayment for a past wrong, this does not seem quite "as wrong" as what happened with the Nazis or with Native Americans. No one was killed in genocide, no one lost their homes and everything they had worked for. A lot of the Braceros were pretty lucky to find work at all in the U.S. (I am part Mexican-American, so I don't mean that as any sort of ethnic slur.) I wish them luck and think they should recieve any funds they can document, though. The Mexican government has a history of "losing" money.
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Considering that "repayment for a past wrong" is precisely the definition of reparations, it seems like an accurate term.

Sounds like another just demand to me. Let's not forget that the U.S. Government has a history of "losing" money, too.
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It should at least be looked into. Largest difference between this and slave reparations are that the "victims" and their first generation are still alive.
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The other difference is that the braceros were PROMISED the money and the government snaked out of paying it.
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Well (splitting hairs) slaves were promised 40 acres/mule. But it's moot.
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it's moot why?
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Because reparations for blacks is an idiotic, patronizing idea.
posted by owillis at 10:59 PM on May 1, 2001

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