I know who they are. They are French people.
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William Burroughs recites from the last words of Dutch Schultz, set to the music of The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
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If you love this stuff, you might also like "Legs" by William Kennedy, which I believe was loosely based on Dutch Schultz, but regardless stands proud on its own.
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This post makes me want to weep, and then dash a thousand kim.
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That's like a coolness implosion...

And weirdly I was only thinking of the Disposables earlier today
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If you do this, you can go on and jump right here in the lake.
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Apparently this is also an opera now.
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I initially read the post as a link to the last words of Dwight Schultz, and was momentarily distraught.
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I love WSB and this record, Spare Ass Annie is great, but I'm not sure this merits a FPP.
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Theres apparently a short film of the Burroughs book based on the last words, with Rutger Hauer as the voice of Schultz. He used other bits from them as well - "The Baron Says These Things" was a short peice of his, riffing on Edgar Rice Burroughs, that ended up in Place Of Dead Roads.

(It looks like the opera is an entirely seperate work, also based on the transcript.)
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The Untouchables - The Dutch Schultz story - from the 50s TV series.
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I love "The Priest They Called Him," that WSB did with Cobain.
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I feel like a sociogenetic experiment, because I'm pretty meh about this.
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Wow. Iin the last moments of his life, he became a Markov generator.
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Robert Anton Wilson on Burroughs, the 23 phenomena and Dutch Schultz.
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Thank you so much for this.
French-Canadian Bean Soup
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If you can find a copy, the Operators Manual for Spare Ass Annie is also good.
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Way to ruin a decent reading with some tepid jazz-funk.
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'Disposable Heros of Hiphoprisy' has to be the stupidest band name in the history of mankind. They may be good or whatever, but Jesus, what a stupid name.

In other news; I used to have a Burroughs/Van Sant CD that was a whole lot of awesome (Burroughs' spoken word sampled and chopped up over some laid-back sorts of beats and music). I quite liked it, but somebody stole it and I've never seen it anywhere again, for sale or otherwise. Boo, thieves.
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I kind of liked P.J. Farmer's take:"The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod"
A kind of pastiche about a Tarzan like person, Jungle Rot Kid, written as if by William Burroughs instead of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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RAW also wrote this into the central plot premise of The Schroedinger's Cat trilogy.
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Pecinpah: I've got that too, it's called "The Elvis of Letters." Great little album. There's a couple used copies up on Amazon.
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