Safe House--for the spy in all of us.
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Safe House--for the spy in all of us. This spy-themed bar in Milwaukee has apparently been around for decades. Sounds hilarious.

But first, Mr. Phelps, you must find it. . .
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I've actually visited this place....would've never found it if I hadn't had a native Milwakeean with me. One really cool feature, I thought, was the "escape phone booth." Supposedly designed for folks to ditch a lousy date, it looks like a regular phone booth, but if you dial the correct number, a secret panel opens, and there's a staircase leading outside to the street.
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I've lived in the area for almost 10 years and have never been there. But I think I know the password (I'm not telling). My sister was there and had a fine time. I did find their web site.
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It's fun, not a regular hang-out kind of place, but kind of neat. Another new tavern (the Garage) has lifted one concept - there's a one-way mirror in the men's bathroom. Ladies, be careful with whom you flirt when your date's in the loo. He can see you. .. Natch, there's no equivalent in the girls' room. Sexist bastids.
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This is a great place for dinner. I've been there more than once since I went to Marquette. Some of the menu items names are pretty good too with the "Bomb" as my favorite. For those who don't know the password you really have to like the cameras capturing the costumes and skits for customers who may be lost.
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Wow. Now I actually have a reason to visit Wisconsin. I've gone my entire life without stumbling across a reason to visit Wisconsin.
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I first visited the Safe House as a freshman at Northwestern (almost 20 years ago now, ack!), and it was exactly the same shtick then. I was really into James Bond at the time, so it was a lot of fun for me. Went back a few years later, and it wasn't quite the thrill I remembered it being, but I was a lot more sober the second time.
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