3D renderings of the inner workings of human body
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Fascinating 3D renderings of different processes inside of a human body. Yes, the style is quite similar to The Inner Life of The Cell, but this one is different. Dissolving of the pills was definitely entertaining. It would be great if a doctor could comment on the other processes that are displayed.
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I gotta say, that's some nice use of Mogwai in the background.
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This needs a voice over by Leonard Nimoy.

They have some nice medical illustrations here, although the one of the transparent heart was confusing.
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These are amazing, thanks.
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I would have gone for a Blondie soundtrack.
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Fantastic stuff, thanks.
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I found the glass heart to be strangely erotic if it was all the way to glass, but it goes without saying I am weird.
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OK i'll give it a shot:
- Some sort of drug traveling through blood vessels to some sort of cancerous neoplasm causing destruction of the neoplasm.
- Lung alveoli. I think that shimmering stuff may be surfactant.
- Proteins binding to a DNA strand (for replication, repair, etc).
- RBCs traveling through a blood vessel. The large fatty-looking expansion is an atherosclerotic plaque. The tiny glowing yellow particles seem represent some sort of drug that shrinks the plaque.
- Unclear what the spiky yellow thing is. Could be a WBC with receptors on it. I don't know why some of them are glowing though.
- The spiky brown thing is probably meant to be some sort of bacteria/foreign/unwanted cell. It is then phagocytosed by another cell (a WBC perhaps). I am unclear why it begins to glow.
- Then we travel through some sort of lumen where there are cilia. One of the cells at the bottom lyses, releasing some green particles.
- Transparent heart with no blood flow. Regular heart. Transparent heart.
- I can't figure out what's going on with these blue and purple particles traveling upwards. some of them stick to something, others don't.
- An HIV virus particle. Its lipid membrane merges with the cells and its genetic material (RNA) gets sent rapidly through the cell's cytoplasm to the nucleus.
- Some sort of silver things are that seem to interact with the cells underneath and destroy them.
- Swallowing of pills. The enteric coating of the pills is dissolved off and the pills release the drug.
- Some sort of particle (complement factor? drug?) that attaches to a cell receptor and seems to prevent another cell from binding to it.
- Cubical representation of DNA?

You can read about most of this stuff on Wikipedia, I'm sure it's there.
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That was unbelievably gorgeous.

Also, I was shocked just how many of those processes I still recognized from Bio 101.
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If you visit their animation page at http://www.hybridmedicalanimation.com/animation_p1.html then you can find extended clips and explanations of a lot of stuff in the demo reel. Very nice.
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If that had been around when 2001: was in theaters we'd have had a commercial winning best picture.

also, who knew that our DNA is made up of old computer monitors??
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We are machines.

I wish my machine would shed itself some weight. I need to upgrade to titanium parts, I guess.
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'kin stellar.
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We are machines.

Or, we are aggregations of billions of tiny living things working together.

Or, I am a super robot made up of little tiny robots!

Either way, it's amazing to see these little internal beasties animated so wetly.
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late to this, but must say - beautiful work. good use of mogwai, i agree.
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