Wankel all day long
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Two-dimensional Flash animations of gears, linkages, pumps, turbines and other mechanisms.
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The crazy Theo Jansen mechanism is the total bomb. Slide those faders for all kinds of fun!
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If you loved this, you'll also love this which is previewed (with little or no explanation, unfortunately) here.
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This is a very nice reference. Thanks!
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I gasped repeatedly. SO good.
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A) love your title
B) this is cool
C) The guy's also got an open source Actionscript Physics Engine!!! It looks sweet AND instructional
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That is amazingly nifty. Thanks.
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I just really like to say Wankel Rotary Engine, and this post gives me an excuse to.

Wankel Rotary Engine.
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I've built models of Chebyshev's four bar linkage and the Peaucellier cell. All these animated models you see on the Internet are a little deceptive, as when you go to build them in the real world you have to factor in depth. With the Peaucellier cell I used flat plastic slats as links and rivets for revolute joints. It went together fairly easily, but I still had to work out what went on top of what.

Chebyshev's linkage was more demanding. I used Heim joints for the revolute joints. As it turned out, these allowed too much lateral play, so the mechanism was kind of sloppy.

Great post, though you should consider adding a "kinematics" tag.
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Flickr video of Chebyshev's four bar linkage.
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Those of you who like the original post would surely appreciate this page of animated engines as well!
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Throbbing engine porn? Pumping pistons pushing prodigious poundage?
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Tube, those links are awesome.
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thanks, so many good links in this thread. i spent some time (fruitlessly) looking for this stuff to show my son. also (from one of the links):

Wankel Rotary Engine
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Nice. Shame the author spends so much time misunderstanding fluid flow through a wind turbine.
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Flickr video of a Peaucellier Cell Model.
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