Embroidered household goods
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Framce Trombly creates household goods such as garden hoses, extension cords, and receipts out of cloth and thread.
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By recreating what is mass-produced she initiates an authority that is missing from the utilitarian original.

Interesting concept. I like the works. Thanks, divabat.
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This one is my favorite.
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Argh, my typing sucks. Hope me?
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These are neat! Though the mop one is a little redundant.
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Art Gallery security guard: "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???!!!"

Me: "What do you mean, 'What am I doing?' I noticed the men's room was out of toilet paper. This is a roll of toilet paper. How hard can it be to connect two dots?"

Me (Ten minutes later, sitting on sidewalk outside gallery): "So that's why it was so soft!"
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This is wonderful!

Although I admit I was disappointed that the garbage can was prefab (you can crochet and knit with wire.) I kinda wanted the mop handle, packing tape, etc. to have been artist-made as well. Nevertheless, it's very cool and clever work.
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it's too bad that the garden hose and the extension cord are probably not functional. And also not for sale.
posted by agress at 12:53 AM on July 16, 2008

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