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Khaufpur is a city of approaching a million souls situated at the absolute centre of India. The lakes around which our city is built were made a thousand years ago. Since that time the city was lost in jungles, rediscovered and rebuilt. Again in the lifetime of those living, a terrible calamity came upon this city, but again it has risen and continues toward a future filled with promise.
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ummmm... ok.
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a future filled with promise

Not with a million souls it doesn't.
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umm, would that be with a million souls it doesn't?
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OK, got it.

With a few million souls it isn't.
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Matrimonials. Must love long walks and meeting people. And aviator sunglasses.
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Love this quote from that Matrimonials page linked above:

"Is there a man out there with intelligence higher than a stick-insect? If you have read Manto and can cook biryani like your granny, call me."

Hmmm... how 'bout one out of three, there, honey?
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That's one of the most fascinating things about India. You can have cities of a million people that very few people outside the country know exist.
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Um, this.
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She's lovely, flapjax. I wish you the best.

Bhopal still angers me to this day. Just like the Exxon Valdez and other industrial accidents, it's cheaper to pay the fine than it is to do the right thing.
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This Khaufpur is nothing if it has not a Garden of Forking Paths.
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You'd hope that Bhopal has a future filled with promise, because in my experience it's the most miserable, depressing shithole I've visited in all of India, even if you can somehow ignore the in-your-face aftermath of the disaster.
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